Author: Chris Milton

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Three Lessons for a Sustainable Economy

In 2008 Lehman Brothers collapsed in a fiery inferno and the capital markets were consumed by brimstone. Or so some would have us believe.  The truth is it was all perfectly predictable because sudden collapses of confidence are built into today’s business cycle, where those with assets to protect try to inflate their value as […]

February 27th

What is Sustainability?

Any business, any person, can understand sustainability.  It’s not difficult, in fact it’s remarkably easy.  It’s all about give and take, and making sure you give more than you take. Is that such a terrible thing to say, to say that a business ought to create more than it absorbs?  Not just in terms of […]

February 27th

Why it pays BP to be criminal

Earlier today I was scribbling away furiously trying to keep up with the news that BP admits criminal liability for the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  Then an astounding thought struck me: it’s actually paying BP to be a criminal. My thinking goes something like this.

November 15th

How Will A Carbon Market Drive Economic Land Reform?

Gazing into the future of a carbon market, two things seem certain: a fundamental change to the economy and sweeping land reforms. There are two well known and highly charged sayings about land: —–agriculture is the foundation of economic growth —–all land use is inherently political The fast approaching world of a carbon market could […]

November 5th