Author: Cindy Hoots

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New Study Ranks Countries by Environmental Impact

Three universities collaborate to release an evaluation of the relative environmental impact of 228 countries. Ever wonder which countries are killing the planet and which countries are not. Researchers from the University of Adelaide, the National University of Singapore and Princeton University wondered the same thing. Earlier this month, they published an interesting study ranking […]

May 15th

2009 Business for Social Reponsibility Conference Starts Today

[social_buttons] The 2009 Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Conference begins today and runs through Friday in San Francisco.  The theme this year is Reset Economy, Reset World and focuses on a “trio of global crises – the worldwide recession, accelerating climate change, and a collapse of trust in business.” Nearly 500 businesses, non-profits, universities and […]

October 20th

Playing for Change Connects the World Through Music

[social_buttons] When I first watched the video “Stand by Me” produced by Playing for Change a year ago, I was moved by the beauty of the music and the simplicity of the message.  Playing for Change wasn’t just a multimedia project.  It was a movement – and its mission was to “bring peace to the […]

October 16th

Find Green Job Recruiters on Twitter

Are you looking for a green job?  Or a job in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business?  Well, all you need to do is tweet.  “Green” recruiters understand the best way to reach the new generation of “green” talent is via social media… Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, Flickr, YouTube and of course, Twitter.  So fire up […]

September 9th

Did John Mackey Create a CSR Nightmare for Whole Foods?

In my work in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable business, Whole Foods has always been a company to benchmark against.  They were one of the first major retailers to offset 100% of their energy use with wind energy credits; voluntarily stop using plastic bags company-wide; join the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program; and develop a […]

August 27th

Do Shareholders Impact Sustainable Business Practices? (Part 2 of 2)

What if you call your HR department or brokerage firm and discover you don’t have SRI options available with your 401(k)?  Does that mean you can’t be a socially responsible investor?  Of course not.  If you own shares in a company, you have partial ownership and certain privileges.  Corporations mail out their annual reports containing […]

August 13th

Do Shareholders Impact Sustainable Business Practices? (Part 1 of 2)

When you disagree with a company’s sustainable or lack of sustainable business practices, what do you do?  You contact the company.  You sign a petition.  You boycott their products.  You inspired others to “vote with their feet” or “vote with their dollars.”  You pride yourself in the fact that you don’t shop at Walmart or […]

August 13th