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Isa Cann Isa is the creater and original producer of the radio program The Long View on WUML FM 91.5 (www.thelongview.org). All facets of Sustainable Development (SD) are covered on the program. Featured guests include invested political figures, academics, Green business owners and other Green organization representatives. She also owns an SD focused website design, marketing and communications business, www.MediaArchitects.co. Isa has earned both: a B.A in English-writing and an M.A. in Economic & Social Development -with, again, a focus in Sustainable Development!

Author Archives: Isa Cann

Bad Bad Packaging

March 6th, 2013 | by Isa Cann

I can’t help myself! I review the shopping venues shelves, such as my local supermarket and Walmart, to investigate what [&hellip

It’s Time to Get Smart. Smart Grid Technology Proposed for MA

April 4th, 2009 | by Isa Cann

Legacy electricity grids, the current distribution systems used for a century in the US, are highly inefficient...7%, never makes it to the user, lost at the transmission and distribution levels.....Environmentalists and others have been pushing for smart-grid technology for over a decade because it will enable consumers to use less electricity and benefit the environment

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