Author: John Ivanko

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How to Thrive on 50% Less Income

Whether you’ve been forced to take unpaid furloughs, reductions in pay (or increases in insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses) or find only one person in your household with a job instead of two, you’re not alone in having to rediscover how to live on as much as 50 percent less in household income. According […]

December 9th

Book Review: If You Love This Planet

So who doesn’t love this planet? Unless you have a few screws loose (or living in extreme poverty or managing to survive in a war zone or some similar predicament), at some basic level, you gotta love living on Earth – for its beauty, sustenance, and mystery. But how are we taking the responsibility to […]

December 2nd

America’s Mecca: the Mall of America

The only thing I could easily find in the whole place — with a “Made in the USA” label — was underwear. What I didn’t expect to find, was a mall heated by the sun (and body heat). Forget the “conservative right” or “liberal left.” If America has a religion, it’s that of the consumption […]

November 19th