Author: John-Paul Maxfield

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“Do Your Part”- A Reflection

I bought a pack of gum a few months ago. I paid with a credit card. I signed my paper receipt, was handed my duplicate paper copy of the transaction, expressed my gratitude for the exchange and walked outside. I unwrapped the plastic packaging surrounding the paper box containing the aforementioned gum. I opened the […]

March 12th

Chinese Investors Showing Interest in Biodiesel Palm Oil Plants in North Sumatra

Biofuels Digest reports that a group of Chinese investors are showing interest in palm oil-based biodiesel production in North Sumatra.  The investment group has sent an exploration team and is investigating the financing of construction projects that would commence in 2009.  Berita Sore points out that crude palm oil and other animal/phyto oil exports in the January-October 2008 period were […]

December 6th

Economic Security Measures Proposed for Major Banks

Under Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) of the U.S. Treasury, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs received $25 billion each and Bank of America received $10 billion in federal bailout funds.  It has been argued that much of the the global economic meltdown was brought on by the country’s largest financial institutions.  In response to the recent […]

November 16th

Green Muck Has Biofuel Investors Chomping at the Bit

When you visit the Khosla Ventures website, you are greeted with a quote that articulates the spirit of the movement that we are trying to capture at the Inspired Economist.  It reads, “Innovative bottom up methods will solve problems that now seem intractable- from energy to poverty to disease. Science and technology, powered by the […]

October 27th

Mo Money, Mo Mileage

Advantage Capital Partners, a venture capital and small business finance firm, has made an investment in SOMS Technologies LLC, the manufacturer of the microGreen vehicle engine oil filter.  The microGreen filter  utilizes a patented filter technology designed to keep engine oil cleaner, extending the oil life up to 30,000 miles.  Advantage’s investment will be used to support […]

October 21st

Growing Food to Feed Cars Will Continue to Drive Up the Price of Food

As the demand for biofuels increases, so too will food prices around the world.  The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s recent report notes that “the historic linkages between agriculture and the energy sector are becoming stronger and are changing in character.  Biofuel demand will continue to exercise upward pressure on agricultural prices for considerable time to […]

October 12th