Author: Derek Markham

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Investing in Oil Companies Could be a Risky Business

For investors, oil companies have historically been a good bet, but that may be changing, as new statistics reveal that investing in oil companies may not be the best strategy anymore. When it comes to factors such as the amount of money it takes to maintain the levels of legacy crude oil production (which is […]

March 17th

From the Ground Up

The Center for Rural Affairs recently released a report, From the Ground Up, Addressing Key Community Concerns in Clean Energy Transmission, which examines the clashes that can arise between communities and transmission line developers and the causes of those clashes, with a unique focus on proposing a set of solutions to those issues. The report […]

February 25th

Four Easy Ways to Do Good by Giving Back

For many of us, it’s not enough to just have a good life or a good business these days, as there are plenty of other people on this shared planet that don’t have even the basics that we take for granted, including clean drinking water, or enough food to eat, or even an education (which […]

February 24th

Who Are the Real Job Creators? You’d be Surprised.

Are the wealthy the job creators that they’re made out to be? Or does the creation of jobs and the growth of the economy happen because of an entirely different source and demographic? This short TED Talk about income inequality given by Nick Hanauer sheds some light on the controversy, and may cause you to […]

February 19th

Use Live Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

In our quest for buildings that can provide an environment that’s fairly constant for the people that live in them, we’ve inadvertently created situations where the indoor air quality can be much poorer than outside, and the lack of fresh air and increase in the off-gassing of man-made materials can make people much less productive, […]

February 19th

The Sharing Economy: A Short Introduction to its Political Evolution

Can the sharing economy movement address the root causes of the world’s converging crises? Unless the sharing of resources is promoted in relation to human rights and concerns for equity, democracy, social justice and sustainability, then such claims are without substantiation – although there are many hopeful signs that the conversation is slowly moving in […]

January 22nd

Redesign the Economy at Transition Economics 2014

In some industries, the outlook for the economy is very bright, with people and businesses making money hand over fist, and wondering what all the fuss about economic recovery is. If you’re in the tech world, or in venture capital, or perhaps the stock market, your future may look rosy, but if you’re one of […]

January 13th

A Golden Rule for the Future: Charter for Compassion

To bring about a more sustainable and just world, it might not be enough to simply reduce our energy use, or to implement more renewable energies, or to choose to only support ethical companies. It might also be necessary to bring compassion to the forefront of our lives, to put the Golden Rule to the […]

December 30th

Microfinance in America: Muhammad Yunus’ To Catch a Dollar

Using the power of microfinance to help people help themselves out of poverty is something usually only discussed in the context of the developing world, where the loan of a relatively small sum of money could make the difference between barely surviving and thriving. But there are plenty of other places on the planet where […]

December 26th

When Tablets are Teachers, Kids Teach Themselves

There’s a lot of interest lately in reforming our educational systems, and in finding new ways to teach children, and this brief video with Nicholas Negroponte (founder of the One Laptop per Child initiative) demonstrates that it’s not always necessary to provide detailed instructions or a structured learning environment for kids to acquire new skills; […]

December 24th

Does Increased Wealth Decrease Empathy and Compassion?

It would be easy to make the case that the more wealth people have, the more they contribute to societal good, both in terms of donations to charity and in the impact that those acts of giving can have on others. However, this view may be a bit skewed, as the dollar amounts of philanthropic […]

December 23rd