Author: Derek Markham

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New Version of IBM Smarter Cities Software Helps Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency

The latest version of IBM’s Smarter Cities software includes several additional capabilities, including cloud-based analytics, that can help cities reduce their costs while increasing their efficiency and improving their infrastructure planning. “The newest IBM Intelligent Operations software portfolio, based on open cloud computing standards, helps transform city operations to become more efficient. Designed in collaboration […]

October 11th

Detroit SOUP Dinners Microfund Local Creative Projects

A unique microfunding venture is helping to give creative projects in the Detroit area a boost, via a monthly community dinner experience. Detroit SOUP offers the chance for participants to get soup, salad, bread, and a vote for their choice of who will receive the funds from the dinner, all for just $5. “Detroit SOUP […]

October 10th

The Story of Sustainable Solutions

What does a game-changing sustainable solution to our overly-consumptive and wasteful lifestyle look like? Could it be aiming for “better” rather than “more”? Annie Leonard, of The Story of Stuff fame, has a new video out, this time focusing on solutions and exploring how we can move our economy toward a more sustainable end, beginning […]

October 7th