Author: Scott Cooney

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The Fiscal Spliff

Reading the headlines, you might guess that the Fiscal Cliff is, as the Mayans predicted, legitimately making 2012 the end of the world. The truth is likely much less dire. In an op-ed in the New York Times this week, Nassim Taleb, finance professor and author of Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder, argues that […]

December 24th

Is bad science a punishable offense? If so, are Exxon’s “scientists” liable for Hurricane Sandy’s damage?

When citizens of the Italian town of L’Aquila started noticing that the semi-regular tremors along the fault line on which they lived had started becoming a little more regular and a little more intense, many became nervous about the possibility of a cataclysmic event. Seven seismologists from the Italian civil protection agency evaluated the data […]

November 26th

Green Saturday to Follow Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday seems to get bigger. Cabbage Patch Doll crazes may seem a distant memory, but the stampedes of people that get up earlier and earlier every year to get started on the Christmas shopping season don’t seem to diminish at all. With Sears and several other companies allowing Black Friday to creep […]

November 24th

Ecoboards for your next surf adventure

Of all the extreme water sports out there, the activity of surfing may have one of the most smallest environmental footprints of any hobby or sport. After all, it’s human power and nature’s energy combining to provide thrill ride after thrill ride. Only just recently have people figured out how to bring mobile electronics with […]

November 2nd

How to make sustainability happen: Amp it up!

What happens when your boss calls a meeting and looks around the room and says, “OK…sustainability is all the rage these days and it looks like the business benefit is clear. Who knows how we can do something proactive around healthy product design?   [awkward pause]   Energy efficiency?  [pause…even more awkward]  Come on guys…does […]

October 16th

As if BP’s oil spill never happened

Put aside the giant lie that helped Mitt Romney score political points in the last debate about the supposed $90 billion Obama has invested in green energy (actual figure: 1/3 of that), or the 50% of the companies invested in having gone out of business (actual figure: 1%). Even if, as many political pundits put […]

October 11th

Getting Green Business Done…with Eco-friendly business cards

When it comes to customer loyalty, there are few better opportunities to make a good first impression than with the business card. Businesses working in the field of sustainability are often, for better or worse, held to a higher standard in their business dealings than more conventional businesses. After all, if green consumers are to […]

October 9th

Whoppers about “green energy”

Seldom in the history of politics has “truth” been a steadfast policy, but that does not excuse Mitt Romney’s debate performance last Wednesday, which has been dubbed “a field day for fact-checkers” by National Public Radio for the sheer number and depth of extreme distortions he spun for the American people. Jeremy Bloom of Red, […]

October 8th

The Glaring Need for a Sustainability Info-rum

As consumer demand increases for green products and companies continue to embrace sustainability as a business strategy, it’s glaringly apparent that there is going to be a need for solid, data-driven information that can help companies make smart decisions. The Fortune 500 has started adding the Chief Sustainability Officer as an official C-suite position, but […]

October 5th