Author: Scott Cooney

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Inspired Economist: Joseph Stiglitz

Economists we respect. Joseph E. Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is the bestselling author of Globalization and its Discontents, Making Globalization Work, and, with Linda Bilmes, The Three Trillion Dollar War. Most recently, Stiglitz authored Freefall, a book about America, free markets, and the sinking of the world economy. Stiglitz is a […]

June 12th

How do we deal with single use plastics?

We see them every day. Single-use plastics (forks, bags, cups, etc.) are the bane of the modern era. For something that is used for approximately 5 minutes, we have to drill for oil, ship it thousands of miles, process it into a product that will never biodegrade, ship it to an end user, and then […]

May 31st

Is it Trump’s millions that is attracting Romney?

Presumptive Republican nominee for the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney, made some headlines this week for cozying up to Donald “You’re fired” Trump, or “the Donald” as some call him. Trump is perhaps the last holdout in the birther controversy. While even the most hardened anti-Obama-ites have conceded defeat on from their theory that President […]

May 31st

Viewing the world as a system will help us establish sustainability

Paul Hawken was the keynote speaker at the Sustainable Industries Economic Forum in San Francisco on Thursday. He had some inspiring talking points (the forum’s goal was to ‘reinspire the inspired’), but one of the key takeaways was in how we should be viewing sustainability.  He started by saying that sustainability should be viewed as […]

November 20th

Interview of Margot Fraser, Founder of Birkenstock USA

Deborah Nelson, Executive Director of the Social Venture Network, interviewed Margot Fraser, founder and former CEO of Birkenstock USA, as part of the Green America Green Business Conference about the latter’s success in business, and her new book, Dealing with the Tough Stuff. Nelson’s first question was a great one, and right to the point […]

November 11th

What Non-Profit Donation Would Be the Most Effective In Combatting Environmental Calamity?

We all give to environmental non-profits for different reasons.  Sometimes, with local groups, it’s to fight a certain development or to protest a local company’s toxic emissions.  With national groups, it’s usually to fight policies we don’t agree with that come from governments or multinational companies.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t.  And even when […]

September 21st