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Sustainability Jobs, the Book Review

Kevin Wilhelm, author of Return on Sustainability and Making Sustainability Stick, has released his new book Sustainability Jobs: The Complete Guide to Landing Your Dream Green Job, co-written with Annie Thomas, Katie Thompson and Ruth Lee. The book is for people looking to get into a green career. Topics covered include where to look for […]

December 9th

Interview With Nick Cooney: How To Be Great At Doing Good

Charitable donations have been increasing in recent years and accounted for approximately $358 billion in 2014 (or, 2 percent of GDP). Of this amount, about 72 percent of donations came from individuals (perhaps in part due to Warren Buffet and Bill Gate’s positive peer pressure). With so many charities to choose from, who should we be writing […]

August 28th

The Social Economist

by Phil Michaels “Our generation made their money tearing our world apart, your generation is going to make your money putting it back together,” declared authors of the social entrepreneurial book, Making Good.  Authors, Billy and Dev — a Yale University drop out and the founder of Dream Now, are describing their generation’s (the non-millennials) […]

July 12th

The effect of walkability and bikeability on real estate value

The housing boom and subsequent bust that caused the financial meltdown of 2008 in the U.S. had many origins. I’d argue that a main cause that has not received much attention was America’s commitment to accommodating the car. Urban planning changed radically when, after World War II, cars became the norm in America. No longer […]

December 20th

Offshore Banking: The Shadow Global Financial System Running Amok

When people hear the term “offshore banking,” they might think of offshore banking and tax secrecy centers, such as Switzerland, Grand Cayman, Panama and the UK Channel Islands, where the world’s wealthiest, along with organized crime and developed and developing world despots, stash their wealth to shield it from the taxes and the prying eyes […]

July 23rd

Inspired Economist: Joseph Stiglitz

Economists we respect. Joseph E. Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is the bestselling author of Globalization and its Discontents, Making Globalization Work, and, with Linda Bilmes, The Three Trillion Dollar War. Most recently, Stiglitz authored Freefall, a book about America, free markets, and the sinking of the world economy. Stiglitz is a […]

June 12th

This is the future of the Inspired Economist

Author & speaker Charles Eisenstein recently released a breakthrough book called Sacred Economics, pointing the way to a new economy. (Read the book in its entirety online, for free) Filmmaker Ian Mackenzie decided to help out by producing a short film synopsis of the book’s primary points: You can read a little bit more analysis, or […]

March 2nd

Deserted Island Corporate Social Responsibility Reading

Are you tired of explaining to your friends, neighbors, the dudes next to you at the ballgame (or opera) what it is you do for a living in one sentence or less? I am. Last year I met someone at a cocktail party on the Chesapeake Bay who seemed earnestly willing to afford me elevator […]

September 27th

Major: Marketing; Minor: Saving the World

A review of the textbook Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective – the idea that a business degree can help better the world. Ahhh. Remember that first day of college? Young. Naive. You think you can change the world. Then, your parents start bugging you about choosing a career and so you major in business and […]

May 18th

Book Review: State of the World 2010

State of the World 2010 is on book stands, just in time for President Obama’s State of the Union address, though I’m not sure he’s read it given his talk of economic growth to create more jobs in businesses that require more stimulus spending and more government oversight. I’ve regularly blogged on our state of […]

January 27th