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Financial Empowerment Training – A Good Idea For Young Girls?

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) has partnered with Girl Scouts of the USA and pledged $2.1 million to provide financial literacy training for young girls.The program, which aims to empower 26,000 young girls, includes rolling out a new line of Girl Scout badges, providing college scholarships and conducting financial literacy events across the country. Financial Skills […]

July 15th

When Tablets are Teachers, Kids Teach Themselves

There’s a lot of interest lately in reforming our educational systems, and in finding new ways to teach children, and this brief video with Nicholas Negroponte (founder of the One Laptop per Child initiative) demonstrates that it’s not always necessary to provide detailed instructions or a structured learning environment for kids to acquire new skills; […]

December 24th

Economic and environmental progress on the Big Island of Hawaii

“Sustainability is about living with aloha”   -Mayor Billy Kenoi Geothermal energy, wind, sunshine, good soils, and a great aquifer system have the Big Island of Hawaii feeling good these days. Billy Kenoi, mayor of Hawaii County, touted the county’s accomplishments in a recent speech at the TechConKona Conference, in which Paul Hawken keynoted. ‘The […]

August 4th

KONY2012 Finally Becomes a Full-Blown Farce

Since the KONY2012 phomenon (it’s more than a meme, right?), I’ve been resisting the urge to blog about it. I raged on my The Facebook wall and on Google+ about it, but I just wanted it to go away, rather than give it more attention; I’ve already offended enough people for calling them idiots for […]

March 16th