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Five Easy Ways to Achieve Sustainability At Home

Amongst all the other modern and pop culture trends of the 21st century, one fashion has emerged which is anything but a fad. The key concept? Sustainability. Originally confined to the domain of the left, sustainability has – in recent years – become a byword for ethical living for everyone from politicians and corporations to […]

August 28th

Sustainable Behavior Change: Effective Programs

It’s fairly well established that, in terms of sustainability, attitudes far surpass actions. According to Gallup polls, at least 2/3 of respondents have consistently responded to questions about their concern for the environment by saying that they would describe themselves as fairly green. This trend has been consistent for decades. But action is not always […]

May 14th

Environmental Attitude vs. Behavior: Why the Disconnect?

People frequently respond very positively to polling about environmental attitudes. Even in down years, a grand majority of people respond that they’re concerned about the environment (and/or describe themselves as “environmentalist” in attitude). But the behavior often doesn’t follow the attitude, and it is perhaps the biggest missing link in creating real sustainable change. In the introductory […]

May 13th

Why is Google investing so heavily in renewables?

With concerns over the wider environment growing on an almost daily basis, the pressure is increasing on some of the world’s largest companies, particularly those in the technology sector to clean up their act. Google is one firm that seem to have paid attention to their carbon footprint, and have apparently invested huge amounts of […]

April 22nd

Save money this Earth Day (to also save the planet)

Why is sustainability so sexy these days? There are a lot of reasons. My top theory is that it’s become so clear that people can save money through green living ideas. So on Earth Day, we at the Inspired Economist wanted to inspire you to save money in a few ways that will also lower […]

April 22nd

Boston vs. New York: which city is greener?

Last week, I gave much love to the city of New York (see Green, New York Style, March 15th). Today it’s time to drive some good spirited competition into the mix, based on the following press release I received this morning. It was titled simply, “Boston Rules.” The full, very concise text read as follows, […]

March 18th

Green, New York Style: A Sustainability Tour of the Big Apple

The Big Apple has moved decisively in the direction of being the green apple in recent years. Here’s the coolest green happenings in the big city. Transportation The city has moved aggressively to create an infrastructure that encourages cycling as a form of commuting, both to alleviate traffic and air quality issues and to facilitate […]

March 15th

Bad Bad Packaging

I can’t help myself! I review the shopping venues shelves, such as my local supermarket and Walmart, to investigate what manufacturers are doing to make the packaging of their products more sustainable. I have to admit that I focus on the negative. I really notice the packaging tragedies, and cringe to see just how bad […]

March 6th

Five reasons why slower growth isn’t necessarily bad

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how America is on a slow slide to oblivion given our lowest-in-history birthrate and U.S. Census projections showing slower population growth. While it’s true that fewer babies were born last year than in previous years (due to the recession, most likely), our total fertility rate – […]

January 17th

European Countries Donate Millions to Halt Deforestation

Three European countries have pledged a combined $180 million to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), an institution created by the World Bank to compensate developing countries for reductions in carbon dioxide emissions achieved by preserving their forests. The contributions from Finland, Germany, and Norway bring FCPF’s capitalization to around $650 million, guaranteeing that developing […]

January 14th

Environmental Economics At Work in the Home

Environmental Economics has been practiced ever since the dawn of mankind but it wasn’t always called that. The principle that being more efficient and less wasteful brings benefits to human beings and the environment alike, has been demonstrated since the times when the first hunter-gatherers would use every part of the plant or animals they […]

January 11th

Fitting into the New Economy

Like other industries, construction companies feel the negative effects of the recent economic downturn. A decrease in new home construction and remodeling projects means contractors work less and make less money. There is hope, however. As the Great Recession recedes into history, the future holds bright possibilities for construction business growth. Hurricane Sandy might have […]

December 8th