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How Solar Energy Is Powering Off-Grid Health Clinics

Solar energy continues to show huge promise for bringing clean affordable power to those living off the grid, but many of the off-grid solar applications, especially in developing countries, focus on small projects, such as charging mobile devices and providing light after dark, not powering entire buildings and organizations. However, that is changing, and some […]

August 26th

Seeing Past Fossil Fuels

In recent weeks I have read a number of reports published on the BBC which look at energy issues. One article in particular by science editor David Shuckman caught my attention. It looked at how European countries might replace Russian Gas imports. In the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the possibility of tit for […]

May 23rd

Educating Students for the World of Tomorrow

It is a question which is of concern to all high school students and to all parents of teenage children. What will I do after school? For some the choice will be obvious; they will have a desire to follow a certain career path, or to enter a specific field of study. However, the majority […]

April 4th

From the Ground Up

The Center for Rural Affairs recently released a report, From the Ground Up, Addressing Key Community Concerns in Clean Energy Transmission, which examines the clashes that can arise between communities and transmission line developers and the causes of those clashes, with a unique focus on proposing a set of solutions to those issues. The report […]

February 25th

Could a Global Supergrid be the Key to Our Renewable Energy Future?

[This article was written by Cory Connolly and originally published at Mosaic.] With the development of the smart-grid and distributed generation, the trend in energy seems to be local, but the future of the electric grid may in fact be more regional and global. In the United States, as in many countries throughout the world, […]

December 18th

Siemens Pursuing Strong Offshore Wind Power Development in UK and EU

The opening of the London Array, the world’s largest offshore wind power plant, with 174 Siemens wind turbines installed in the Thames estuary, Siemens is well-positioned to continue to lead the way in offshore wind power development in the UK and EU. Their massive turbines, rated at 3.6 MW and with rotor diameters of 120 […]

October 25th

Solar Schools Can Empower Communities and Power Classrooms

How can schools cut their energy costs, while at the same time helping communities to diversify their energy sources and support clean renewable energy? It might seem like a no-brainer, but one direct approach is to install solar photovoltaic systems on school campuses and use the generated electricity to offset their fossil fuel energy consumption […]

October 22nd

Practical Energy Policies can Boost Local Economies

Instead of waiting for the federal government to help give local economies a boost, municipalities that put the right local energy policies in place might be a much more effective and proactive method, to not only start pumping up the economy with job creation, but also keeping energy dollars local through reducing energy use and […]

October 17th

Will Australia Nix Its Carbon Tax?

Last week’s general election victory for Tony Abbott and his liberal party may well spell the end of the carbon tax in Australia. Abbott’s liberals (which are kind of the opposite of liberals in the U.S.) have verbally opposed putting a price on carbon, and with overwhelming financial backing from heavy pollution industries in Australia, […]

September 11th

Solar Panels & Resale Value: Is There An Effect?

Generally speaking, putting solar on your home is a good investment. But what if you’re planning to sell? Are homebuyers willing to up the ante for a home with solar panels? According to some recent studies, the answer is an overwhelming yes. The first study, by the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, looked at home resale statistics […]

July 2nd