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Green Economy Post’s Top SB’10 Tweeters List

The Green Economy Post gives us a thorough list of who’s tweeting from the Sustainable Brands ’10 conference. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the Sustainable Brands ’10 (SB’10) conference in Monterey, California this week. But thanks to social media, I was virtually there. Twitter is a great way to get “real time” information […]

June 10th

Free Webinar on California’s New Mandatory Recycling Measure

A free webinar explains California’s new mandatory commercial recycling law… will you be in compliance? If you run a business in California, then you are aware of California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32). The act requires California to develop regulations that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. It is […]

June 8th

Bring In Your Tumbler and Get Free Coffee at Starbucks

On April 15, bring a reusable travel mug into your local Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee. When you hear the date April 15 what comes to mind? Taxes, taxes and more taxes. Well, how about a free cup of coffee? Sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch, right? What […]

April 15th

How Can Business Profitably Solve Environmental Problems?

Mix together equal parts Fortune 500 senior executives, environmental activists, cleantech journalists, investors and other leading green thinkers, sprinkle them throughout panel discussions over three days in Southern California and what do you get? Brainstorm Green! The second annual conference from Fortune Magazine will be held next week and promises to be quite the green […]

April 9th

Green Print, Paper, and Marketing Conferences for February

Looking to get a little green into your conference schedule? There are a number of printing, marketing, and paper-related events coming that touch on a variety of business and marketing topics from a sustainability perspective. Some require you to leave your office just like SEO Conferences. Others don’t. Thanks to What They Think’s Going Green […]

January 30th

Sustainability: Putting the Community back in the Holidays

We arrived just as the sun was setting over the rolling, snow-covered hills of southwestern Wisconsin, an auburn glow fading as the sun became masked by clouds rolling in from the west. My family, including my mom, passed through the doors of the red, 5,500 square foot, barn-like Farwell Hall of the Folklore Village, located […]

December 16th

Big Important Speeches and Little Breakout Groups at BSR

No matter who attends the BSR conference, we always seem to find a balance between the people who legitimately wish to improve sustainability, not just for their company but the planet, and those who set out to further their profits by subtle or blatant greenwashing. During the Thursday morning breakfast, Zhang Yue, chairman and CEO […]

October 23rd

2009 Business for Social Reponsibility Conference Starts Today

[social_buttons] The 2009 Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Conference begins today and runs through Friday in San Francisco.  The theme this year is Reset Economy, Reset World and focuses on a “trio of global crises – the worldwide recession, accelerating climate change, and a collapse of trust in business.” Nearly 500 businesses, non-profits, universities and […]

October 20th

PV Solar “Energy” at Intersolar North America

No recession in evidence here.  Yesterday’s opening session of Intersolar North America was packed and full of energy. The solar trade show almost tripled its exhibition space and more than doubled the number of exhibitors from last year, when the first North America Intersolar show was also hosted in San Francisco. As far as I […]

July 15th

Swine Flu and “Factory Farming”

Today’s news is ablaze with stories about the recent swine flu outbreak, an outbreak that may have been fully preventable through the use of green farming practices. At the time I write this post, 50 cases of swine

flu have been reported in the US alone, with one death attributable to the mutated virus. Although most cases have been mild, the fear factor alone is leading to school closures and cancelled vacations across the world.

April 30th

Can one hour save our planet?

[youtube=] How much can just one hour of energy savings do for hour planet? – 284 Canadian cities and municipalities participating – 3249 cities and towns in 84 countries across all seven continents prepare to unite for Earth Hour – 829 icons and landmarks around the world to switch off lights in support of climate […]

March 28th

Can Blue Dogs Help Obama’s Green Message?

Despite public outrage over AIG bonuses, Obama had a good week. He traveled across America expressing his own outrage over the bonuses. He was warmly greeted in Orange County, California — once a bastion of conservative Republicanism. Republican Governor Swarzenegger warmly embraced him and assured him that California supported the stimulus plan. Obama appeared on the Tonight Show displaying his quick wit with the show’s host Jay Leno.

March 24th