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Harry Potter Sports an Environmental Audit

Did you notice something different on the back pages of The Order of the Phoenix? If you live in the Canadian market, you might. The fifth book in the Harry Potter series has something unusual on its back pages. It’s an environmental audit. The audit, produced using New Leaf Paper’s Eco Audit Calculator, uses New […]

October 26th

GE Acquires ScanWind Offshore Wind Turbines

Certainly, the development of these turbines is a case of challenge and response since they were developed to meet the Scandinavian environment. GE and others will develop generators that will provide wind farms offshore where the windiest but harshest environments exist. Animal lover will be delighted to know that sea birds are able to avoid offshore wind farms.

September 17th

Solar: When Will It Achieve Grid Parity?

Exciting developments are occurring in solar PV (photovoltaic) power generation. New technologies are improving manufacturing processes. Thin-film and organic (plastic) films promise to reduce PV power cost. Solar “grid parity,” the time when solar power will cost the same as fossil fuel power, is coming soon.

July 27th

Virtually Waterless Laundry Washing Machine

At one point, it seems as though virtually everyone has sat in front of washing machine and watched the soaked clothes tumble through the suds. That tradition may be a thing of the past if a new “virtually waterless” laundry machine finds its way to the mainstream. Although only in prototype stage, this new machine […]

June 26th

Biodgradable Plastic Bottles Get Shipped

For us sneering at the notion of plastics and biodegradability, it is time to stand back and jump up! Arizona-based ENSO Bottles, LLC is now producing plastic drinking bottles that will not only biodegrade in the dark, anaerobic environment of a landfill, the microbes that ingest it then create methane which can be captured and […]

May 21st

Ford Invests $550 Million to Build Small Cars and Electric Vehicles

[youtube=] Kelly Blue Book Video Review of the Ford Focus Earlier this week, Ford announced that they are retooling their manufacturing facility in Michigan, which previously built SUVs, to now produce the small and fuel-efficient Ford Focus in 2010, and the battery-electric Ford Focus by 2011. With this investment of $550 million worth, Ford continues […]

How Technology is Helping Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

For years, green activists were “anti-technology”, claiming that technological advances were largely responsible for the polluted state of Mother Earth. This was a fair claim, as yesterday’s technologies only looked at the bottom line, and not the resulting mess. In today’s reality, the words “green” and “technology” no longer constitute an oxymoron, as technologists have turned their attention to cleaning up the mess previous generations have made.

April 30th

Got Mercury? The Politics of Contaminated Fish

Isn’t it about time that fish was actually put to the test?

Mercury, one of the most insidious elements that can be ingested, has significantly negative health effects on the population; in some cases it can causes irreversible damage. But while many people are aware that mercury exists in certain fish, there is no universal certification that tests how much mercury is present in commonly eaten seafood.

April 15th

It’s Time to Get Smart. Smart Grid Technology Proposed for MA

Legacy electricity grids, the current distribution systems used for a century in the US, are highly inefficient…7%, never makes it to the user, lost at the transmission and distribution levels…..Environmentalists and others have been pushing for smart-grid technology for over a decade because it will enable consumers to use less electricity and benefit the environment.

April 4th