Inspiring Ideas

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Could a Blue Economy grow a more sustainable future?

One of the big problems with truly innovative and world-changing ideas is the fact that many people, when hearing about them, dismiss them as fables, as being a “nice concept, but totally unfeasible,” and instead of believing that a more abundant and prosperous future is possible, thanks to ‘blue sky’ thinkers, they continue doing the […]

December 2nd

Patagonia Subverts Black Friday with this Short Film

As we head into the frenzied weekend of mass consumerism (at least in the US) that kicks off right after Thanksgiving Day with Black Friday, and continues on through Cyber Monday, one of the leaders in responsible business is serving up an antidote and urging us to celebrate the things we already own. If you […]

November 27th

Agriculture where plants can’t grow: Israel’s Arava valley

Israel’s central Arava desert, where saline soils and dry climates are the norm, a thriving community creates up to 60% of Israel’s exported agricultural products. Recently, I visited the Arava valley to see the miracle of agriculture in the desert up close and personal. According to our tour host Michal Marmary: “By any standard, farming […]

November 25th

Crowdfunding One Million Young Leaders with Piggybackr

How can we enable the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs? One effective method might be through giving them the tools and the resources to be able to raise money and support for their ideas, and a new campaign aims to do just that. Piggybackr’s 1 Million Leaders Challenge, which runs from November 1, 2013 […]

November 5th

Alternative Gift Registry Promises More Fun, Less Stuff

For a refreshing break from the traditional approach to gift giving in our overly-consumptive culture, an alternative gift registry focuses on experiences over goods, homemade over mass produced, and donations over purchases. SoKind, which is a project from The Center for a New American Dream, offers a different take on our culture’s mindless addiction to […]

October 22nd

What is a carbon tax? And could it work?

It seems a perfect storm of events has lined itself up to create a political environment that *should* push forward a carbon tax. Will it happen, what would it do, and could it work? Let’s start with a quick definition. A carbon tax, in its simplest form, is simply a tax on polluting carbon emissions. […]

March 26th

Holidays and positive uses of money

Many of us are trying to make the world a better place. Some of us inspired economics-focused folks would say that the best way to do that is to drive money into the sustainable marketplace: provide an organic carrot for businesses, and they will drive their operations towards it. Many of us seem to also […]

February 11th

A Gift of Service

Have you ever had your life stopped in its tracks by a sudden crisis?  Whether it is from illness, accident, a death in the family or one of life’s other challenges, most of us will run into a crisis at some point in our lives that throws us off the tracks.  Torn from your normal […]

January 14th

Crowdfunding strategies for social entrepreneurs

This is a great panel discussion about crowdfunding strategies in order to get a social-mission-driven company started (or a project developed). Jeff from Sustainablog hosted Tinia from Re-Nuble and Jen & Nick from TriplePundit, both of whom are doing crowdfunding campaigns at the moment, to talk about what’s going right, and what’s going wrong, with […]

November 29th