Inspiring Ideas

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Happiness Project Started by Cancer Patient

Mario Chamorro had good reasons to be very unhappy. He was diagnosed with cancer, his girl friend broke up with him and he lost his job. So what did he do? He started a happiness project and that eventually led to him wanting to generate happiness for people all over the world. His initial effort […]

September 27th

Impact Investing has a whole new game

You know that guy, Jim Cramer? He’s off his rocker. He’s got a TV show called Mad Money that’s akin to MTV of the early 90’s: the cameraman appears to have forgotten his tripod and also to be completely hammered, and there’s lots of random noises, buzzes, popups, bings, boops, and, well, Cramer. He analyzes […]

August 27th

Victory Bonds for Clean Energy

A common challenge facing renewable energy development is the insecurity of funding. A new bill, HR 6275, the Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVB) Act, sponsored by Representative Bob Filner (D-CA), aims to give ordinary citizens the ability to invest in renewable energy through a program similar to World War II’s Victory Bonds. Supporters suggest the […]

August 17th

Moving Markets

Recently, I learned a great strategy for moving markets. Specifically, how to leverage consumer demand for greener goods to move large amounts of capital into the sustainable economy, and away from companies that are only profit driven and don’t mind externalizing their costs onto society. I’d like to share that strategy with you here, in […]

July 2nd

Why Not Privatize Highways?

Congress has apparently reached a bipartisan agreement on a transportation bill that includes $109 billion to support the nation’s roads, bridges, and railways. 1.9 million jobs hung in the balance, and the political bickering delayed the bill’s passage several months, but the real question is…why subsidize highways at all? If we were to sell off […]

June 28th

A path forward for island economies to break dependence on imported, processed foods

Globalization has perhaps been most difficult for island economies. Despite limited land and other resources, island economies have been encouraged to produce export crops over subsistence goods, leaving the economies of island nations particularly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. Hawai’i, in particular, is an interesting case study. Monsanto and other biotech firms have used Hawai’i […]

June 17th

Net Impact 2011: Keen Healthcare CEO Vail Horton Inspires the Inspired

[youtube] In one of the most stunning keynote sessions I have attended over the past five Net Impact Conferences, Keen Healthcare CEO Vail Horton, who was born without legs or proper bone growth in his arms, closed yesterday morning’s “speed keynote” session to a thunderous standing ovation at the Portland Convention Center. Horton told […]

October 30th

Is Occupy Wall Street Really About CSR?

Since the movement began, people have discussed goals/themes/demands of Occupy Wall Street and have found little clarity. In some ways this is the essence of the movement, but in an effort to define everything, many people assume it’s the anger of the common person directed towards banks for manipulating their money and tanking the economy. […]

October 21st

VisionSpring: A Model TOMS Shoes Would be Wise to Adopt

The world of international development has so many buzzwords floating around, it’s hard to know what is legitimate and what isn’t. Over the past 10 years or so, the phrase “sustainable development” has entered the lexicon and appears here to stay. While there are a number of definitions for the term, ultimately it has to […]

August 31st