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An Interview with Frank Dixon – Founder of Global Systems Change

Frank Dixon is the founder of Global Systems Change and the former Managing Director of Research for Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, which is the largest corporate sustainability research company in the world. His perspective on corporate thought and sustainability is that flaws in our economic and political systems make it impossible for any company to become sustainable. In fact, Mr. Dixon managed to shake my belief in many of the fundamental “sacred cows” I learned in business school

December 9th

Rahm Emanuel: Obama Picks the Ideal Chief of Staff for Rebuilding the Economy With an Environmental Focus

As Jennifer Lance mentioned in her post this week on Red, Green and Blue, last Tuesday was a win not only for Barack Obama but also for the environment. Hours after being elected the new President of the United States, Obama has already selected fellow Illinois Democrat, Rahm Emanuel, a strong supporter of the environment, to be his Chief of Staff.

November 7th

Obama vs. McCain: Who Will Better Support Joe The Plumber?

In the final presidential debate, the issue of the economy was all-pervasive. It was up to each candidate to use the final debate to lay out his vision for the country and promote his economic policies while drawing differences with his opponent.

McCain addressed his comments to Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber who confronted Obama about his tax policies at a recent Obama rally in Toledo, Ohio. For a considerable amount of time, McCain and Obama debated over who would do a better job for “Joe the Plumber.”

October 15th