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European Countries Donate Millions to Halt Deforestation

Three European countries have pledged a combined $180 million to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), an institution created by the World Bank to compensate developing countries for reductions in carbon dioxide emissions achieved by preserving their forests. The contributions from Finland, Germany, and Norway bring FCPF’s capitalization to around $650 million, guaranteeing that developing […]

January 14th

New EU Law Promotes More Efficient Aircraft Emissions, Stirs Controversy

Despite good intentions about contributing to a healthier environment, the European Union recently enforced a law that heavily restricts aircraft emissions, and has subsequently been met with tremendous opposition. The law essentially requires all aircraft operators touching down or taking off in Europe to offer a permit that illustrates the craft’s emissions levels throughout the entire […]

December 8th

Is bad science a punishable offense? If so, are Exxon’s “scientists” liable for Hurricane Sandy’s damage?

When citizens of the Italian town of L’Aquila started noticing that the semi-regular tremors along the fault line on which they lived had started becoming a little more regular and a little more intense, many became nervous about the possibility of a cataclysmic event. Seven seismologists from the Italian civil protection agency evaluated the data […]

November 26th

Introducing the Biodiversity Offset standard

One of those projects I’ve kept an increasingly excited eye on is the Business and Biodiversity Offset Program (BBOP .. an acronym which always makes me want to dance!). This month is something of a BBOP milestone as they’ve published their very first standard.  This takes the initial 10 principles around which BBOP is based […]

November 9th

Does Nature Need a CEO?

At some point, you have to wonder….will nature’s so-called ecosystem services ever get the full recognition they so greatly deserve? After all, without nature, we’d have no oxygen and no clean water. Pretty much the end of humanity, no matter how great our technology. If nature had a CEO, who would it be, and what […]

September 22nd

Light at the end of the tunnel for Ireland

Ireland hasn’t had anything to cheer about since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 but in the past week, that has slightly changed. Becoming the first eurozone country to enter recession, it was downhill since that declaration by the Central Statistics Office in September 2008. Almost four years on and with the […]

July 9th

China’s US Dollar Peg, Mercantilism Redux, Part 3

Longstanding government fiscal and monetary policies are fundamental contributors to the global imbalances that have built up, and as recently as 2008-2009, broke out and all but tore down the as yet prevailing global financial and economic order. China pegging the value of its currency, the yuan, to the US dollar has been a significant contributing factor. Despite support among economists and analysts, it’s high time for China to make the transition to a floating exchange rate system and open up its domestic markets to international investment opportunities, both coming in and going out.

January 2nd

China’s US Dollar Peg & Mercantilism Redux, Part 2

Global economic conditions over the past five years clearly indicate that fundamental changes are needed if some sort of balance in the global economic system is to be achieved. Given the tremendous growth China’s economy has experienced in the past two-plus decades, and the repercussions of its US dollar peg, transitioning to a floating rate currency system could serve both China and its trading partners worldwide well.

December 29th