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Update on the JOBS Act and crowdfunding

David Fisher’s talk on Locavesting last week at the TechConKona Conference with Paul Hawken highlighted some of the key challenges with startups and their ability to get the capital they need to grow. Implicit in his talk was the emerging power of crowdfunding, and the expectation that its evolution with the JOBS Act will bring tremendous […]

August 7th

Europe’s turning point on the way? Stimulus finally comes to Ireland

Albert Einstein once said ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That quote definitely applies to the political leaders of Europe. Almost half a decade on from the inception of the global financial crisis, they have doggedly stuck to their failure of a policy that is austerity. And […]

July 25th

When will the impacts of climate change become “news” again?

It’s hard to avoid the news of climate change these days. There are epic heat waves. There are power outages. There are droughts. Huge floods in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Record number of storms in the Gulf of Mexico this year. Crazy wildfires in Colorado and Utah. But yet…where is this all in the national debate? Aside […]

July 24th

Green Jobs are “Additive”, not simply replacing other jobs

Green entrepreneurs account for critical green jobs creation. This is not to be understated, as not all jobs are created equal. Think about the recent announcement that Airbus is building a large manufacturing facility in Alabama. Yes, this creates a lot of jobs in both the construction of the plant and the ongoing operations at […]

July 6th

Survey finds major growth in green jobs

Major survey finds 508,000 clean economy jobs created in the Pacific Northwest. Experts believe that 1.03 million net new full-time equivalents can be created by continuing the clean economy path by 2020. The jobs include clean tech engineers, machinists, installers, and other “boots on the roof” jobs, energy auditors, organic agriculture specialists, local food manufacturers, […]

July 4th

Is green the next big economic driver?

Has the green economy failed us? The latest jobs report showed modest growth in the private sector with roughly 80,000 new jobs (the disappointment in the jobs report was partially due to the public sector shedding some 14,000 jobs last month). It’s not as fast a recovery as some would like, and the economy continues […]

June 19th

Green Collar Jobs: The Red Hot New Career Field in the US

You’ve heard of white collar careers and blue collar jobs, but there’s a new set of jobs in the marketplace: green collar jobs. A relatively recent addition to the job market, this industry spans a wide variety of industries and simply put, focuses on eco-friendly careers. What exactly is a green collar job? In general, […]

March 17th

How to Make Your Current Job, a Green Job

In the guest post below, Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company, explains how every job can be a “green” job with the right attitude. When we think of “green” jobs, we often picture a new opportunity, which may require a new set of skills, or a new place of employment with a […]

February 11th

Accenture Joins McKinsey in the Battle Cry for Corporate CSR

A recent United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)/Accenture study of 766 corporate CEOs has found that 93% of executives surveyed believe that sustainability will be a key factor in the future of their businesses.  So, I suppose CSR is the new Tiger Woods for the global management consulting behemoth?

July 27th

Going Beyond the Living Wage: Can Nobility Be Profitable?

Knights Apparel CEO Joseph Bozich (pictured above in the firm’s Dominican Republic factory) doesn’t believe boosting market share and doing good are mutually exclusive.  In Sunday’s New York Times, business reporter Steven Greenhouse covers the firm’s newly acquired Dominican Republic apparel operation that makes t-shirts and sweats for American college and university bookstores.

July 18th

How to Thrive on 50% Less Income

Whether you’ve been forced to take unpaid furloughs, reductions in pay (or increases in insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses) or find only one person in your household with a job instead of two, you’re not alone in having to rediscover how to live on as much as 50 percent less in household income. According […]

December 9th