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Community Colleges: Disappearing Shop Classes and Green Technology

Stan Ovinshisky graduated from high school and took machining courses at a technical school. With this formal education he has made significant contributions to solid-state physics, neurology, chemistry and cybernetics. He also invented an electric car battery. You may recall his appearance in, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

October 19th

Mass Customization’s Role in a Sustainable Economy

Mass production has been used since the industrial revolution as a means of creating large quantities of standardized products. It has many advantages over one-at-a-time production. It reduces coast and provide interchangeable parts.  Its disadvantages are that it can over produce and it dehumanizes labor. Mass production will often continue to build inventory in spite […]

September 27th

Find Green Job Recruiters on Twitter

Are you looking for a green job?  Or a job in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business?  Well, all you need to do is tweet.  “Green” recruiters understand the best way to reach the new generation of “green” talent is via social media… Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, Flickr, YouTube and of course, Twitter.  So fire up […]

September 9th

Is Social Security “Windfall” Penalty Fair to Labor?

The Texas American Federation of Teachers (AFT) cites the case of a widowed public school teacher that retired with a $900 monthly pension. She would have been eligible to receive $600 survivor benefits based on her husband’s Social Security contribution, but the windfall elimination provision (WEP) eliminated all of her survivor benefits.

September 7th

Green Municipal Bonds – Economic Crisis Solved

Think Globally – Act Locally. Green Municipal Bonds offer the opportunity to rescue the economy and the environment.  Local governments are needlessly watching their economies disintegrate, waiting and begging for handouts from Washington D.C., while all along the power to save their economies and help the environment lies in their hands – Green Municipal Bonds. […]

February 7th

10 Green Jobs For the Next 10 Years

There’s a lot of excitement out there, especially in the green sector, about President Obama’s plans to improve the economy. That much of the stimulus is also environmentally friendly means more growth in the green sector.  And that means more green jobs. Fast Company cites that: “Massive investments in clean energy promise to keep farmers, […]

February 2nd