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Beyond Blood Diamonds: What Can CSR Achieve at Tiffany?

Famed international jeweler Tiffany and Company has recently signaled its intent to expand a metrics-driven CSR and sustainability program from its Madison Avenue headquarters. This is exciting news for the field, as it is hard to imagine a global corporation with a more mythic brand resonance. With a reported 19% share of the global jewelery […]

July 8th

California Fisherman Doesn’t Want to Catch the Last Lobster

San Diego lobster fisherman Shad Catarius (no relation to the spawning fish) supports an annual  trapping tax of of $300 currently before the California legislature. The tax on the $7.8 million annual spiny lobster market would raise the cost for Catarius to make a living on his boat McGhee Marie. In a San Diego Union-Tribune […]

July 6th

PG&E To Measure Scope 3 Emissions: Is Anyone Watching?

PG&E is the first American energy utility company to measure its scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Pacific Gas and Electric, Northern and Central California’s energy provider and the Golden State’s largest utility, announced Tuesday that it would be measuring its scope 3 (or indirect) greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). This stunning announcement marks the first time […]

July 3rd

Billions in Annual Taxpayer Subsidies Paid to Fossil Fuel Industry

WWF will attend the G-20 Summit to encourage countries to end the taxpayer-funded subsidies paid to Big Oil and Big Coal. On June 26-27 in Toronto, Canada, the Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors representing nearly 90 percent of the world’s economy will come together to discuss key issues in the […]

June 24th

Don’t Make Greening So Hard

In the last 24 hours, I’ve experienced The Tale of Two Communications Philosophies. The contrast between the two drives home, to me, the challenge facing the green industry. First, a conversation I had with a client — a new business start-up — about its website copy (which I’m writing). Sure, they wanted to let people […]

What’s Your Green Resolution for 2010?

It’s the time of year when people are making resolutions to lose weight, better manage their finances, better manage their anger, and myriad other things. Is increasing your commitment to environmental sustainability on that list? As I wrote in my very first post for The Inspired Economist in the fall of 2008, the neat thing […]

December 29th

Taking San Francisco forward into a new era of Sustainability

[fora id=9376] San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, is known for his particularly progressive thinking when it comes to developing the economy of San Francisco. According to the Long Now Foundation, which recently sponsored a presentation by him, mayors are the most powerful politicians in America, right up there with county supervisors. This is why cities […]

April 24th

Van Jones, Re:visionary

Van Jones is a rising star in the green economy. As the founding President of Green for All, he is a doer. As the author of “The Green Collar Economy” he is a spokesperson and advocate. But he is actually much more than that. He’s actually Innovation 3.0.

April 7th

“ER”- brought to you by the Bill Gates Foundation?

The objective is to use entertainment content as a vehicle for educating mainstream audiences on topics such as HIV/AIDS and education in the hopes of influencing public views and behaviors.
One of these initiatives, called Get Schooled, is a partnership with Viacom that will weave education-themed story lines into existing shows or create new shows centered on education.

April 3rd

U.S.A is applauded at U.N. Climate meetings in Bonn

Fifteen months ago, U.S. negotiators were booed at at Bali, Indonesia, that U.S. when they threatened to veto an accord laying down a two-year negotiating process to replace the Kyoto Protocol. Yesterday, the U.S.A was applauded at a 175-nation U.N. meeting in Bonn as Todd Stern pledged to “make up for lost time” in reaching […]

March 30th