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Boulder County Colorado Creates Jobs, Funds Green “ClimateSmart” Loans

Boulder, Colorado, an idyllic college town notorious for its health conscious population, has again shown its progressive spirit by voting for county Issue 1A last November, authorizing the government to sell bonds to fund loans to homeowners who want to make energy-efficient upgrades. This week, lawmakers met to decide upon details of this new local “stimulus” package.

February 20th

Electric Innovation

Changing consumer behavior can be a slow painful process. Not only does it require educational efforts but often widespread systemic conformity is required. However innovation has radically altered some of our most fundamental behaviors. Globally, we now access cash from a machine and we carry and use mobile phones for a significant percentage of our calling. Its this type of basic change that will be required to have significant impact on socially and environmentally responsible consumption habits.

January 15th

Supply Side Economics: Transforming Carbon Emissions Into Useful Products

Carbon Sciences, Inc. has developed an innovative technology to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) – which is implicated in the issue of global warming – into a number of commercially useful, earth-friendly carbon products. The company calls this technology advance: GreenCarbon Technology. The aim is to extract value from carbon emissions by transforming the gas into a product that holds commercial value.

October 15th

America’s Market Bailout : Some Figures For The Weekend

A few details are starting to emerge about the proposed “bail out plan” of the US Government. While legislators wrestle with the finer details, here are a few figures to juggle with over the weekend. So far, $200bn has been spent saving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with another $300bn to prop up the Federal […]

September 19th