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Recognizing CSR as a Core Business Practice

I have long argued that corporate social responsibility (CSR) needs to be a fully integrated strategy throughout a company in order to have a significant effect on how the company does business. I have also written often about social enterprise/entrepreneurship where one builds a for-profit company that focuses on solving social problems as well as […]

December 7th

The Oath. Has It Really Come to This?

The medical field has one that dates back to the 5th century BC and now about 2,600 years later an oath is taking shape for students of the Master’s of Business Administration degree. We here at the Inspired Economist clearly hold Net Impact in high regard. After all, we’ve seen articles on their sustainable MBA […]

April 27th

Top Schools with Green MBA Programs Practice What They Teach

The Sustainable Endowments Institute released its fifth College Sustainability Report Card that examines the sustainability practices of colleges and universities with the 300 largest endowments in the United States and Canada, reported today.  With the recent proliferation of green and sustainable MBAs in the United States, I often wonder if universities practice what they […]

April 4th

Can We Fix Capitalism?

“The more business has begun to embrace corporate responsibility, the more it has been blamed for society’s failure. The legitimacy of business has fallen to levels not seen in recent history. This diminished trust in business leads political leaders to set policies that undermine competitiveness and sap economic growth. Business is caught in a vicious […]

January 28th

WSJ: The Illusion of Corporate Social Responsibility

In a WSJ op/ed entitled “The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility,” University of Michigan strategy professor (Ross School of Management) Aneel Karnani argues that CSR fails when it is not a by-product of profit maximization. Karnani goes deeper to note that there exists a grave fallacy in CSR investment when a business model is not […]

August 24th

Net Impact Publishes Business As UnUsual 2010 Report

Hot off the presses comes Net Impact’s rather comprehensive report on business schools focusing on “sustainability” programs. “Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.” The organization is active on campuses and […]

August 19th

Being a Good Person Can Benefit You in the Workplace

It’s not hard for many of us to think back on our careers (no matter how long or short they may be) and remember that jerk of a boss that swore at people or failed to consider input other than his own. Fortunately for me, the experiences haven’t been too bad, but for those that […]

August 17th

Are We “Green-washing” our MBAs?

With the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester right around the corner, I wonder how many new MBA candidates will start the year wearing green? In July I read a post on CSRwire entitled “Will Green MBAs Save the Planet?” by Elaine Cohen which commented on a recent trend in Business Schools.  Apparently the number […]

August 12th

Accenture Joins McKinsey in the Battle Cry for Corporate CSR

A recent United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)/Accenture study of 766 corporate CEOs has found that 93% of executives surveyed believe that sustainability will be a key factor in the future of their businesses.  So, I suppose CSR is the new Tiger Woods for the global management consulting behemoth?

July 27th

Can Grilled Cheese Save the World?

Probably not, but it sure is delicious. All joking aside, college campuses have always been rife with awareness/activism, however the recent trends seems to be direct involvement in projects rather than simple awareness campaigns. Young people are becoming more interested social and environmental issues particularly in far-away places thanks to social media and online images/videos […]

July 21st