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The secrecy of Standard Chartered’s Iran transactions

On August 6th, the English bank, Standard Chartered, was accused of being involved in illegitimate transactions with Iran worth up to $250bn. Two weeks later, with an investigation continuing, the financial institution was fined $340m and has had terms attached to its punishment, most notably having a monitor permanently installed in the New York branch […]

August 20th

Europe edges closer to recession and indirectly poses dangers to the US

Europe is on the verge of plunging into a double dip recession. As the debt woes of the 17 eurozone countries continues to threaten any growth emanating from the continent, it looks more likely that the 27 country strong European Union will regress economically rather than progress. Eurostat, Europe’s official statistics agency, disclosed that the […]

August 19th

Europe’s turning point on the way? Stimulus finally comes to Ireland

Albert Einstein once said ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That quote definitely applies to the political leaders of Europe. Almost half a decade on from the inception of the global financial crisis, they have doggedly stuck to their failure of a policy that is austerity. And […]

July 25th

Light at the end of the tunnel for Ireland

Ireland hasn’t had anything to cheer about since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 but in the past week, that has slightly changed. Becoming the first eurozone country to enter recession, it was downhill since that declaration by the Central Statistics Office in September 2008. Almost four years on and with the […]

July 9th

KONY2012 Finally Becomes a Full-Blown Farce

Since the KONY2012 phomenon (it’s more than a meme, right?), I’ve been resisting the urge to blog about it. I raged on my The Facebook wall and on Google+ about it, but I just wanted it to go away, rather than give it more attention; I’ve already offended enough people for calling them idiots for […]

March 16th

US Takes a Step to Expand Fish Farming in Federal Waters

On Friday, the Obama administration took a major step in the long anticipated process of making it easier for  commercial aquaculture firms to operate in federal waters. Currently there isn’t any fish farming — the cultivation of everything from bivalves like oysters and mussels to predators like salmon — in federal waters. Only states allow […]

June 12th

Scientists Create Genetically Modified Cows to Produce “Human” Milk

Last week, I was stunned to read an article in The Telegraph claiming scientists in China “created genetically modified cattle that produce ‘human’ milk in a bid to make cows’ milk more nutritious.” Hold on. Did I read that correctly? Unfortunately… yes. According to the piece, the scientists successfully introduced human genes into 300 dairy […]

April 9th

Which Green Marketing Approach Is Most Effective?

As corporate marketers and regulators alike evaluate how to communicate environmental commitments and avoid greenwashing, the 2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker (download for free here) tested which of three common marketing approaches was most influential in consumer purchase decisions. Consumers were asked to “purchase” the most environmentally responsible of three generic cleaning products based […]

What Consumers Want in Green Claims

What are consumers looking for in marketers’ green claims? Honesty, according to the Cone’s 2011 Green Gap Trends Tracker. According to the research, a majority of American consumers are distrustful of companies’ environmental claims (57%) and are overwhelmed by the amount of environmental messages in the marketplace (51%). Given this confusion, it’s understandable that consumers […]

Consumers Will Punish Brands for False Environmental Claims

After all the effort marketers are putting into communicating their green claims, a new study shows that consumers — American consumers at least — continue to misunderstand phrases commonly used in environmental marketing and advertising. Often, this gives products a greater “green halo” than they may deserve. At the same time, these same consumers are […]