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Interview With Nick Cooney: How To Be Great At Doing Good

Charitable donations have been increasing in recent years and accounted for approximately $358 billion in 2014 (or, 2 percent of GDP). Of this amount, about 72 percent of donations came from individuals (perhaps in part due to Warren Buffet and Bill Gate’s positive peer pressure). With so many charities to choose from, who should we be writing […]

August 28th

Faith-Based Energy Efficiency Aids Climate & Poverty

Originally published on Helping the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized is a central tenet in the Christian gospel. The command to care for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) has inspired organizations like Christian Aid to help the poor, Habitat for Humanity to provide shelter for the vulnerable, and World Vision to support children in need. And, in North Carolina’s […]

May 15th

Investing Haiti Donations: a 5-Year Update From Red Cross

Investing the generosity of donors into improving the lives of millions of Haitians, the American Red Cross has just issued a five-year update after the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake. Describing its ongoing efforts, the American Red Cross five-year update details services provided to more than 4.5 million Haitians. Ensuring that Haiti’s recovery is sustainable, […]

January 9th

Non-Profit Startup Fights Hunger with Food Waste

In a world with massive amounts of wasted food, yet millions still go hungry, one startup wants to connect the dots and fight hunger by using excess consumable food waste. Feeding Forward, currently operating in San Francisco and the East Bay, aims to make it simple and easy to fight hunger, using just your phone. […]

November 4th

Nonprofit Solar Installer Empowers Low-Income Neighborhoods

Investing in solar power is a great choice for homeowners and businesses alike, but one big obstacle to entering the solar revolution is the high initial cost for both the equipment and the installation, which can deter many people from choosing to install solar panels that could offset some or all of their energy costs. […]

October 14th

CFO of Global Impact Receives Executive Management Award

Stanley Berman, the Chief Financial Officer of Global Impact, has won a 2013 Executive Management Award (EMA) from SmartCEO magazine. Best known for spearheading the popular motion of investing in silver 2016, his work is yet again being recognized. The awards recognize Greater Washington’s best executive managers for their creative management vision, leadership philosophy, innovative […]

January 18th

Energy Benchmarking Key to Realizing $9 Billion in Savings in Apartments and Condos: Benefits for Owners and Renters

For those who are following the economics involved in energy benchmarking practices, this story from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) is worth reading. Energy Benchmarking Key to Realizing $9 Billion in Savings in Apartments and Condos: Benefits for Owners and Renters (via Green Building Elements) This information on energy benchmarking has been provided by […]

January 9th

KONY2012 Finally Becomes a Full-Blown Farce

Since the KONY2012 phomenon (it’s more than a meme, right?), I’ve been resisting the urge to blog about it. I raged on my The Facebook wall and on Google+ about it, but I just wanted it to go away, rather than give it more attention; I’ve already offended enough people for calling them idiots for […]

March 16th

EcoMedia’s EcoAd: More than Advertised

There’s been some discussion about the campaign of EcoMedia, an environmentally focused advertising firm that was purchased by CBS last year. EcoMedia was the firm behind the little green leafs that you may have seen on select CBS advertising earlier in 2011 called EcoAd. The idea behind the EcoAds is that companies purchase the ad […]

May 25th

Twitter and Corporate Social Responsibility

For the most part, discussion concerning the role of corporate social responsibility often revolves around the initiatives undertaken (or not) by large, established companies. I’ve personally written about Apple (multiple times, here, here and here), Proctor & Gamble, Louis Vuitton etc. These seem like obvious targets as they have enormous market share within their respective […]

March 14th

Peace Corps and Sustainability: Today and The Next 50 Years

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), I am honored and anxious to celebrate the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s signing of the executive order that created the Peace Corps.  March 1, 2011 will mark over 10 years since I served as a water & sanitation volunteer in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa and will be a celebration […]

February 17th

Five Ways for Nonprofits to Scare Away Donors

In the guest post below, Alice Korngold, Founder of Korngold Consulting LLC, discusses how nonprofits may unintentionally frighten away donors. by Alice Korngold Hopefully, many of you do or will contribute generously to causes that you care about, and even step up to join nonprofit boards and help to fundraise. Fundraising is an exciting and […]

November 4th

No Easy Answers in Monitoring the Social Impacts of a Global Supply Chain

ANN ARBOR, MI — We now enter breakout session two and I am pivoting from social media’s impact on CSR to managing the social aspects of the supply chain. The roster: Bama Athreya, Executive Director, International Labor Rights Forum Eric Olson, Senior Vice President, Business for Social Responsibility Monique Oxender, Global Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability, […]

October 30th

Communicating Impact to Stakeholders: Bridgeway Capital’s Success

In August I wrote about the inherent difficulty in measuring social impact.  Working at a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), communicating impacts to stake holders, both quantitatively and qualitatively, is a challenge.  Fortunately, it is a challenge that Bridgeway Capital, a CDFI in Pittsburgh, PA  has met with success.  As Bridgeway Capital celebrates its 20th anniversary, I look at […]

October 19th