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Does Cause Marketing Thwart Social Change?

One thing I didn’t cover last year when I wrote “How to do Cause Marketing Well” is whether cause marketing should even be done at all. But I found that a very interesting question to consider when reading “The Hidden Costs of Cause Marketing” in the Summer issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Angela […]

July 31st

The Executive Case for Social Innovation

Yesterday the White House announced President Obama’s 2010 request to Congress for $50 million to set up a Social Innovation Fund with the goal of identifying the most promising results-oriented non-profit programs in order to expand their reach throughout the country.

May 7th

Urban Garden as Sustainable Business in New Orleans

Good ideas have a life of their own. That’s what Paul Baricos, Executive Director of the Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm (HGMF) in New Orleans is learning two years after the Carrolton-Hollygrove Community Development Center (CHCDC) set out to figure out how to bring fresh produce to a neighborhood with no real access to affordable food.

May 1st

Venture Activism

What do CarrotMobs and sugar cubes have in common? Other than finding their way into your Easter basket, they are the campaigns created by Virgance to create change through consumer organizing.

April 10th

iPhone as Fundraiser

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?

Shazam figures out what song you’re listening to. A pocket flashlight (not to mention a light saber) is only two taps away. And Yelp can get the phone number, directions and even a review of the place you’re trying to find and meet your friends at in a quarter of the time directory assistance, Safari, Google or any mapping software can do it.

January 30th

Target: A Call To Service

Very rarely do brands get it right when inserting themselves into historic moments in time. Brand-building generally only works around events where advertising is expected and even then it is, at best, tolerated as part of the environment.

January 22nd

Social Entrepreneurs: How to Change the World Through Business

I love to read, but am lucky if I have time to finish even one book a month. Fortunately, I can “cheat” and listen to author interviews on the radio or via podcasts, and I just listened to an engaging interview with Pamela Hartigan, the founding partner of the yet-to-be-launched Volans Ventures and the founding […]

November 21st

Forest Stewardship Council Files Suit Against U.S. Government

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which provides chain-of-custody certifications for forestry-based products (including office and printing papers, as well as the suppliers that print on, distribute, and dispose of those products), has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Government, the first-ever legal action in its 10-year history. The letter from Corey Brinkema, president of the […]

September 30th

Sustainability and Google’s 10th Anniversary

Ideas may be a dime a dozen, but turning an idea into action generally costs money–sometimes a lot of money. And that’s where Google can be of service. It’s Google’s Tenth Anniversary, and they are celebrating by giving away up to $10 million for good ideas to change the world.  Project 10^100 is open to […]

September 24th

Greening Print Marketing: Eco-Printing — A Nice Bonus to Digital Printing

The trash can…or not. Although many marketers consider the today’s applications driven by dry toner, liquid toner, and inkjet digital printing to be the technology’s greatest asset, the “green-ness” of the technology is a nice bonus, too. This is important to marketers because environmental printing is no longer just good social responsibility. It’s good marketing. […]

August 30th