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Green ways to keep Lake Tahoe Blue

If you have never had the chance to visit Lake Tahoe, please add it to your top 10 of U.S. sites that are a must see.  Lucky to have had a reason to visit this summer, I was shocked by just how blue Lake Tahoe really is!  But as it turns out, it’s not as […]

August 27th

WSJ: The Illusion of Corporate Social Responsibility

In a WSJ op/ed entitled “The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility,” University of Michigan strategy professor (Ross School of Management) Aneel Karnani argues that CSR fails when it is not a by-product of profit maximization. Karnani goes deeper to note that there exists a grave fallacy in CSR investment when a business model is not […]

August 24th

Vote With Your Dollar; It’s That Simple

I stumbled upon this image the other day and was grateful for the reminder. We may not always have time to participate in the latest cause or campaign, but we do have one very powerful tool to affect social change… our consumer dollar. How we spend our money speaks volumes about our beliefs and values. […]

August 19th

Do Cage-Free Eggs Matter?

Last Sunday’s New York Times Week in Review section took a look at burgeoning cage-free regulations for egg-laying hens in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Maine. Currently only 2% of America’s hens are raised outside of battery cages (8 x 8 inches allotted to each bird;  6 birds to a cage). After […]

August 17th

Are We “Green-washing” our MBAs?

With the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester right around the corner, I wonder how many new MBA candidates will start the year wearing green? In July I read a post on CSRwire entitled “Will Green MBAs Save the Planet?” by Elaine Cohen which commented on a recent trend in Business Schools.  Apparently the number […]

August 12th

Does Online Shopping Really Improve Your Carbon Footprint?

I’ve been thinking about green claims today. Many companies make green claims about their products, but how often do we stop and ask the question, “Compared to what?” For example, I recently read some data from the United States Postal Service Greenhouse Gas Emissions Survey that had some impressive data. By replacing just two trips […]

“FUEL” for thought: We all have Responsibilities.

I recently watched FUEL and thought:  Why have I not seen this before???  FUEL is a 2008 documentary on America’s dependence on foreign oil which explored a possible solution to the looming energy crisis.  I had three overwhelmingly strong and immediate responses from watching this film. First, we have some extremely intelligent and passionate people […]

July 28th

Conflict Minerals: The Plot Thickens with the Help of Capitol Hill (Part 1)

Mining in DRC There has been a whole lot of chatter in recent days about a little provision tucked into the newly adopted Financial Reform Bill. That provision is the Conflict Minerals mandate, which basically states that companies using “columbite-tantalite (coltan), cassiterite, gold, wolframite or their derivatives” (and others at the discretion of the Secretary […]

July 27th

Spineless Dems Abandon Carbon Bill: What Does this Mean for CSR?

In a year where we’ve seen the largest oil spill in American history, the decimation of a tourist economy in the Gulf of Mexico, and oh yeah, and some of the most sweltering temperatures in cities from Chicago to Boston, the Democrats have scrapped any immediate plans to put a price on carbon emissions.

July 23rd

Strategic CSR Basics for Naysayers

The CSR community has been abuzz this week reacting to a recent article in the Washington Post regarding BP’s Corporate Social Responsibility, or lack thereof. In it author Chrystia Freeland purports “many of the business disasters of the past 24 months have been facilitated by the mini-industry of corporate social responsibility,” calling CSR a “fetish […]

July 23rd