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Quick! Define Deforestation!

When people hear the word “deforestation,” the image that comes to mind is logging. Logging is tied to paper and fiber-based products, which are subsequently labeled forest-killers. That’s some powerful imagery. But is it accurate?

Why is Korea Cutting Chicago’s Carbon Emissions?

Apega/WENN Today’s Chicago Tribune business section has a stunning report on the Republic of South Korea’s $25 million plan to reduce energy consumption at some of downtown Chicago’s largest skyscrapers. The operation will focus on retrofitting HVAC and lighting systems in up to 14 buildings. Joining Korea in the agreement are the Building Owners and […]

July 22nd

What The BP Disaster Teaches Us: Natural Gas Matters

“Perfect is the enemy of the good.” — Voltaire [Dictionnaire Philosophique — 1764] Yesterday’s news from the Gulf was better than it has been: BP has begun to make consequential strides at plugging the deep-water oil leak. Since the explosion, we’ve seen dramatic responses from the left (no more oil and gas exploration), the right […]

July 16th

Why Apple and Its Brand Can Endure a Crisis

In the guest post below, Ronn Torossian, Founder, President and CEO of New York-based 5W Public Relations, discusses Apple’s brand credibility and how the company would survive a potential iPhone 4 recall. by Ronn Torossian Much different than BP, Toyota, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and Dell, Apple can better weather negative media and afford a […]

July 14th

When Local Meets Provincial (e.g. Short-sighted)

Today’s New York Times has a brilliant report on the battle royalle being waged in the hipster-strewn streets of Portland, Oregon over the integrity, meaning and yes, swine-worthiness of local food. According to the Grey Lady, Portland chef Eric Bechard (top) dropped his gloves outside a bar after confronting an outsider chef (oh, the horror) […]

July 9th

Beyond Blood Diamonds: What Can CSR Achieve at Tiffany?

Famed international jeweler Tiffany and Company has recently signaled its intent to expand a metrics-driven CSR and sustainability program from its Madison Avenue headquarters. This is exciting news for the field, as it is hard to imagine a global corporation with a more mythic brand resonance. With a reported 19% share of the global jewelery […]

July 8th

California Fisherman Doesn’t Want to Catch the Last Lobster

San Diego lobster fisherman Shad Catarius (no relation to the spawning fish) supports an annual  trapping tax of of $300 currently before the California legislature. The tax on the $7.8 million annual spiny lobster market would raise the cost for Catarius to make a living on his boat McGhee Marie. In a San Diego Union-Tribune […]

July 6th

Rejected! Can Lack of Environmental Certification Hurt You?

I’ve blogged a number of times about the benefits of purchasing paper that uses an environmental certification like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). But has not using one of these certifications become a negative differentiator? Can it get you kicked out of the running? I just read a post on […]

PG&E To Measure Scope 3 Emissions: Is Anyone Watching?

PG&E is the first American energy utility company to measure its scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Pacific Gas and Electric, Northern and Central California’s energy provider and the Golden State’s largest utility, announced Tuesday that it would be measuring its scope 3 (or indirect) greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). This stunning announcement marks the first time […]

July 3rd

Don’t Make Greening So Hard

In the last 24 hours, I’ve experienced The Tale of Two Communications Philosophies. The contrast between the two drives home, to me, the challenge facing the green industry. First, a conversation I had with a client — a new business start-up — about its website copy (which I’m writing). Sure, they wanted to let people […]

Why UPS Won’t Bother To Improve Service

My recent terrible customer service problem with UPS (an overnight letter, containing my children’s birth certificates, that was supposed to be delivered on January 29th still hadn’t arrived on February 16th…) led me to Google the news on UPS, just to see what other bad things they were up to.  It didn’t take long to […]

February 23rd

Newspapers May Be Greener, But What About Redundancy?

If you want to “green” your news reading, just go online, right? Ditch that dirty, landfill-clogging paper. Not so fast, argues Sarah Westervelt, environmental expert and activist. In a recent article on The Dead Tree Edition, Westervelt said that she was “too informed about what’s going to happen to my computer when I’m done with […]

February 3rd