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When will the impacts of climate change become “news” again?

It’s hard to avoid the news of climate change these days. There are epic heat waves. There are power outages. There are droughts. Huge floods in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Record number of storms in the Gulf of Mexico this year. Crazy wildfires in Colorado and Utah. But yet…where is this all in the national debate? Aside […]

July 24th

The world built on financial quicksand

Yesterday, I profiled a survey of the small business community showing that the specter of regulation being the bain of business as we know it is really just a financial boogeyman. Small businesses don’t fear regulation the way that the big polluter-controlled U.S. Chamber of Commerce would like us to believe. Add to this, the […]

July 13th

What do small businesses think of regulations?

Besides taxes, the most frequently used franken-word in economics is likely regulations. The specter of increased regulations is often thrown around by polluting companies, their lobbyists, and the politicians they support in order to swing public opinion away from environmental and health protections. It works, but I think mainly because it’s a word that most […]

July 12th

Grassroots Fundraising from Billionaires

A closer look at Romney’s web advertising shows just how out of touch he is with the common man…or should I say, the common grassroots contributor. Does he really expect a $75,800 contribution from a person browsing the web? In an earlier column, I asked why on earth Mitt Romney would want to associate himself […]

June 20th

Is it Trump’s millions that is attracting Romney?

Presumptive Republican nominee for the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney, made some headlines this week for cozying up to Donald “You’re fired” Trump, or “the Donald” as some call him. Trump is perhaps the last holdout in the birther controversy. While even the most hardened anti-Obama-ites have conceded defeat on from their theory that President […]

May 31st

China’s US Dollar Peg, Mercantilism Redux, Part 3

Longstanding government fiscal and monetary policies are fundamental contributors to the global imbalances that have built up, and as recently as 2008-2009, broke out and all but tore down the as yet prevailing global financial and economic order. China pegging the value of its currency, the yuan, to the US dollar has been a significant contributing factor. Despite support among economists and analysts, it’s high time for China to make the transition to a floating exchange rate system and open up its domestic markets to international investment opportunities, both coming in and going out.

January 2nd

China’s US Dollar Peg & Mercantilism Redux, Part 2

Global economic conditions over the past five years clearly indicate that fundamental changes are needed if some sort of balance in the global economic system is to be achieved. Given the tremendous growth China’s economy has experienced in the past two-plus decades, and the repercussions of its US dollar peg, transitioning to a floating rate currency system could serve both China and its trading partners worldwide well.

December 29th

China’s US Dollar Peg and Mercantilism Redux

The debate regarding the effects China fixing the value of its currency, the yuan, to the US dollar continues, even as China continues to resist calls to float its currency. In fact, it’s become apparent that Chinese government monetary policymakers have tightened the peg in the face of another potential banking system crisis and severe economic contraction, this time centered in Europe. This three-part series is an attempt to ‘deconstruct’ and examine, both wholly and in part, the effects of China’s US dollar peg and arguments for and against China moving to a floating exchange rate system.

December 27th

Shell Finally Coming to Terms with Years of Nigerian Oil Spills

Following more than 50 years of oil extraction, corruption, human rights violations and environmental degradation, Shell has admitted responsibility for two large oil spills in 2008 and 2009 in the Niger Delta. This admission will allow those affected to seek damages through the British court system, which gives groups in the Delta, specifically Ogoniland, the […]

August 4th

Is the Decline of US Wild Fish Becoming Like Peak Oil — Exaggerated?

The tumult that still trails BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, now over a year old, has fueled global concerns over wild fish stocks and the overall sustainability of world fisheries. The bluefin tuna, one the most prized (and absolutely delicious) commodities of the sea, has become a symbol of weak global fishing regulation and there’s […]

April 15th

The Value of CSR Reporting in Developing Economies

An interesting question was posed recently by a member of a group I’m part of on LinkedIn (Global Reporting Initiative) that stated simply “Is GRI beneficial for a 3rd world enterprise?” It’s both a valid and interesting question for a variety of reasons. This gentleman’s concern was mainly over the cost and time that it […]

February 1st