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The Latest Medical Innovation: Recycled TVs

Researchers at the University of York have recently come up with a method of recycling that seems like it fell from the pages of a science fiction novel. They want to turn discarded television screens into components for biomedicine. The scientists have been studying methods of reducing the environmental impact of e-waste streams as part […]

July 16th

Inspiring Change One Person at a Time

Sometimes we think we have to change governments and corporations in order to see environmental change, but change is just as powerful when it happens one person at a time. And sometimes it’s easier to do.  About a month ago, I made two posts about the environmental efforts of SunChips, a snack food company. I […]

Coca-Cola Launches Eco-Friendly Packaging

In their ongoing efforts to achieve a more environmentally friendly image, the Coca-Cola Co. announced earlier this month that they will be launching new biobased plastic bottles for their Dasani water line later this year and vitaminwater next year. They’re calling their new packaging the “PlantBottleTM.” Plastic soda bottles are generally made from polyethylene terephthalate […]

May 31st

Talking Trash on Earth Day

Growing at an annualized rate of 6.3 percent for the past five years to 2008, Recycling Facilities is one of the few industries in the “green sector” to observe a decline. IBISWorld, an industry research firm tell us that recycling is expected to decline significantly in 2009 – after five years of strong growth.

April 22nd

FundingFactory: Funding Through Recycling

Do you need to raise funds for your local school or non-profit organization? Consider Funding Factory’s funding-through-recycling program.

While funding in a down economy is not an easy task for any kind of venture, schools and non-profits seem to bear the brunt of the recession even more than for-profit companies. But as funding gets even tighter, the concept of a green economy is burgeoning. One company, Funding Factory, actually provides by being the first link in supply chain for re-manufacturing.

April 21st

Sears Goes Green – Suits Made From Recycled Bottles to Hit the Racks in May

Department store giant Sears is jumping on the green bandwagon by announcing plans to offer “green” clothing in May – suits made from recycled PET bottles with NO petroleum used in the manufacturing process. Made in partnership with the US arm of Japan based Teijin Fibers Limited, each suit will be 54% recycled polyester, 42% wool, and 4% spandex, and will be fully machine washable.

April 4th

How Green are Firelogs?

Ah, the smell of coffee wafting through the evening air. Except this time that aroma doesn’t come from our French press but rather our fireplace. No, we haven’t thrown can of perfectly unacceptable canned, non-fair trade supermarket java into the fire, but rather a firelog partially made from coffee grounds. Sounds rather sustainable, huh? Okay, […]

January 30th

Recycled Tires: Where Bottles Feared to Tread

A Japanese company has come up with yet another use for old plastic bottles. Earlier this month, Teijin Fibers Ltd. announced that they are now supplying recycled polyester fibers to Toyo Tire & Rubber for use as cords in a new line of automobile tire marketed for use on environmentally conscious passenger cars.

December 30th

Wal-Mart Canada Launches Styrofoam Recycling Initiative

Styrofoam (or polystyrene) is nasty stuff: it lasts forever, can leach chemicals (especially when heated), and is really, really difficult to recycle. Wal-Mart Canada is launching an effort to address that last issue by partnering with Grace Canada (a division of W.R. Grace & Co.) to reuse styrofoam waste from packaging in the production of […]

November 12th

Xerox 2008 Global Citizenship Report Proves Efforts Toward Corporate Social Responsibility

All companies like to say they are “green,” but Xerox is putting numbers behind it. Its “2008 Report on Global Citizenship” provides a year-over-year look at its progress toward its goals toward corporate social responsibility. Among the highlights: Two additional facilities named members of U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track (validating environmental performance beyond regulatory […]

November 11th

Greening Print Marketing: Inkjet Recyclability Suspect

I got a surprise this month. I was writing on “green” issues related to inkjet ink, and much of what I expected to write went out the window. [social_buttons] In the world of offset printing, the difference between solvent-based inks and water-based inks matters—a lot. In the world of toner-based inks (digital inks), on the […]

October 31st