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Weyerhaeuser and GRI Reporting Meet Again

While many companies are still try to figure out what their CSR strategy is (or in some cases, what CSR is period), lumber and paper giant Weyerhaeuser has recently issued its 2009 Sustainability Report. Weyerhaeuser was an early adopter of the voluntary Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report. The company started publishing a report of their […]

July 29th

Conflict Minerals: The Plot Thickens with the Help of Capitol Hill (Part 1)

Mining in DRC There has been a whole lot of chatter in recent days about a little provision tucked into the newly adopted Financial Reform Bill. That provision is the Conflict Minerals mandate, which basically states that companies using “columbite-tantalite (coltan), cassiterite, gold, wolframite or their derivatives” (and others at the discretion of the Secretary […]

July 27th

Bike Resources In Pittsburgh

There were so many great comments and questions on my Green-Savvy Entrepreneurship in One of the United States’ Most Sustainable Cities piece that I wanted to post a follow up.   So I did a bit of digging to see where Pittsburgh stands on an automatic bicycle program; and the answer is…

July 26th

Green Economy Post’s Top SB’10 Tweeters List

The Green Economy Post gives us a thorough list of who’s tweeting from the Sustainable Brands ’10 conference. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the Sustainable Brands ’10 (SB’10) conference in Monterey, California this week. But thanks to social media, I was virtually there. Twitter is a great way to get “real time” information […]

June 10th

Report: Greening Print Marketing: A Practical Guide

I hope you’ll indulge me and let me get on my soap box for a minute. I recently released a new report in my Marketer’s Primer Series, “Greening Print Marketing: A Practical Guide.” One of the most surprising pieces of feedback I’ve gotten from printers is, “My clients don’t care anymore.” With all the media […]

It’s All About the Paper — New Online Blog & Community

For marketers looking to improve the sustainability of their print marketing programs, there is almost nothing more important than the role of the paper. For this reason, Wausau Paper has launched a new online community, Digital Space, for designers, printers, and other experts in digital print technology and applications. The site includes both a collaborative, […]

January 21st

Rent your way out of global warming

Recognizing that the process of renting equipment is both painful to customers and highly inefficient to business, Rentcycle developed a model that creates efficiencies through online scheduling, tracking and inventory management.

December 15th

Towards a ‘Green’ Economy

Market Facilitation in Ecosystem Services; Contemporary Developing Cases in the UK Is there reason to believe that there maybe profit to be made by investing in eco investments while conserving the environment? There does exist some scepticism about the market’s involvement in green initiatives. Even though research conducted by Frost & Sullivan about the telecom […]

May 15th

How Green are Firelogs?

Ah, the smell of coffee wafting through the evening air. Except this time that aroma doesn’t come from our French press but rather our fireplace. No, we haven’t thrown can of perfectly unacceptable canned, non-fair trade supermarket java into the fire, but rather a firelog partially made from coffee grounds. Sounds rather sustainable, huh? Okay, […]

January 30th