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Battlelines Over Waterlines: South Asia’s Not So New Tensions

According to a recent UNESCO study, fresh water supply is expected to drop by one-third within 20 years. UNESCO points out that up to 7 billion people could face water shortages by 2020 as global warming will affect water supply in more than 50 countries.

Water as a priority in national strategic discourse is not new but its prominence in recent years illustrates the emergence of a new battlefront. A broader acceptance of climate change associated with global warming has led to the reassessment of fresh water’s priority.

January 28th

Xerox 2008 Global Citizenship Report Proves Efforts Toward Corporate Social Responsibility

All companies like to say they are “green,” but Xerox is putting numbers behind it. Its “2008 Report on Global Citizenship” provides a year-over-year look at its progress toward its goals toward corporate social responsibility. Among the highlights: Two additional facilities named members of U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track (validating environmental performance beyond regulatory […]

November 11th

Supply Side Economics: Transforming Carbon Emissions Into Useful Products

Carbon Sciences, Inc. has developed an innovative technology to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) – which is implicated in the issue of global warming – into a number of commercially useful, earth-friendly carbon products. The company calls this technology advance: GreenCarbon Technology. The aim is to extract value from carbon emissions by transforming the gas into a product that holds commercial value.

October 15th

Declining water supply brings a deluge of ideas

They say that the wars of the future will not be fought over oil, but over fresh water.  We all understand that water is essential for life, but, as the Financial Times reports, “many are just beginning to grasp how essential it is to everything in life – food, energy, transportation, nature, leisure, identity, culture […]

August 25th