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Sustainability is the Need of the Hour

a lasThe population of the world continues to grow, but resources don’t seem to keep up with the growing need of the population. Food shortage is rampant in many countries, particularly in poor countries. Water shortage has also become a big issue now. Although the earth is surrounded mostly by water, clean and potable water […]

November 21st

Regional Economics in the United States

What does each region of the US have to offer to the GDP? In this helpful infographic, the major industries are explained and you can see how each region stacks up with the rest of the country. The industries are broken down broadly into eight categories: Finance Professional Health Care Manufacturing Agriculture Retail Mining Information […]

September 12th

New Technologies Make International Business Even Easier

The international business community has been growing rapidly in the past few years, and changing how and where we work. New technologies are making it easier than ever to communicate with coworkers in faraway countries and across timezones. Here is a list of our favorite tools that can help you build a business, manage a […]

August 14th

Egypt’s Oldest Mosque Receives New GROHE Plumbing

Egypt’s first and oldest Mosque has received a plumbing upgrade from local plumbing repair service companies. As part of a “Green Mosque” CSR initiative by the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings, GROHE has included Egypt in their global WaterCare campaign. In coordination with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, […]

December 26th

Be Prepared: Energy-Efficient Emergency Lighting

Most organizations and businesses spend a lot of time and money figuring out how to get more people into their buildings and stores and offices, and that makes a lot of sense, considering that their operation and continued success relies on an efficient flow of people, including both the customers and clients, as well as […]

December 2nd