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IKEA sustainability chief: Go all-in for sustainability

When the brands that are on the top of everyone’s minds are focusing on sustainability initiatives as an integral part of their businesses, and trying to communicate those efforts to their customers, they can be an easy target for those who see corporations and capitalism as the root of all that’s evil in the world, […]

December 3rd

Water Grid Monitoring Tech Named Best Sustainability Innovation

Are we having a true water crisis, and need to discover and deliver water from new sources, or are we having a water management crisis that can be addressed through better management and monitoring of our water infrastructure? According to TaKaDu, a software-as-a-service company based in Israel, it’s the latter, and by managing our water […]

November 19th

Collective Direct Action Needed to Achieve True Sustainability

The green blogosphere is full of little eco tips that individuals, households, and organizations can take to be more sustainable, and while those little actions aren’t without value, they may not be nearly enough to achieve true environmental sustainability on a scale that’s necessary for global change. According to Worldwatch‘s report on the State of […]

November 13th