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GE Acquires ScanWind Offshore Wind Turbines

Certainly, the development of these turbines is a case of challenge and response since they were developed to meet the Scandinavian environment. GE and others will develop generators that will provide wind farms offshore where the windiest but harshest environments exist. Animal lover will be delighted to know that sea birds are able to avoid offshore wind farms.

September 17th

BP & Martek to Ferment Biofuels

The energy giant BP and Martek Biosciences, a Maryland based company that uses micro algae to produce oil-based nutritional and dietary supplements, signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) earlier this month to produce microbial oils for biofuels applications. Under this agreement, BP will provide the cash — up to $10 million for just the first […]

August 25th

Solar: When Will It Achieve Grid Parity?

Exciting developments are occurring in solar PV (photovoltaic) power generation. New technologies are improving manufacturing processes. Thin-film and organic (plastic) films promise to reduce PV power cost. Solar “grid parity,” the time when solar power will cost the same as fossil fuel power, is coming soon.

July 27th

Solar Thermal Hybrids Are Hot

Aora-Solar, an Israeli company, has constructed and launched the first solar energy natural gas hybrid electric power plant. The flexibility of their design permits small communities to tap into solar power.

July 17th

Daimler’s First Electric Car

Most odd stories relating to the environment tend to revolve around researchers and scientists and their slightly off the wall discoveries. But not so today. Today, in news of the weird — or at least slightly surreal — I bring you Daimler, the German automaker, who announced last week their very first hybrid car, the […]

June 30th

Virtually Waterless Laundry Washing Machine

At one point, it seems as though virtually everyone has sat in front of washing machine and watched the soaked clothes tumble through the suds. That tradition may be a thing of the past if a new “virtually waterless” laundry machine finds its way to the mainstream. Although only in prototype stage, this new machine […]

June 26th

DuPont’s Solution to Fragile Solar Cells

One of the biggest problems with solar cells currently on the market is that they are extremely easy to break. Companies intent on manufacturing any sort of solar powered products have to find solutions, and few have yet been perfect. Hoping to change this trend, DuPont recently announced the launch of two new lines of […]

June 5th

GE To Open $100 Million Sodium Battery Plant In NY

GE’s hybrid locomotive battery GE partners with New York state to create a $ 100 million manufacturing facility for a new sodium based battery technology in the Capital region. Who imagined that ordinary table salt could be the secret to storing energy? GE is once again bringing the notion of a technology based economy home, […]

May 12th

Got Mercury? The Politics of Contaminated Fish

Isn’t it about time that fish was actually put to the test?

Mercury, one of the most insidious elements that can be ingested, has significantly negative health effects on the population; in some cases it can causes irreversible damage. But while many people are aware that mercury exists in certain fish, there is no universal certification that tests how much mercury is present in commonly eaten seafood.

April 15th