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Are Biofuel-Powered Jets Next?

Even though gas prices have declined recently, there’s still no magical environment-friendly solution to the ongoing oil crisis. However, some progress has been made recently — and it has nothing to do with hybrid cars.

January 8th

Recycled Tires: Where Bottles Feared to Tread

A Japanese company has come up with yet another use for old plastic bottles. Earlier this month, Teijin Fibers Ltd. announced that they are now supplying recycled polyester fibers to Toyo Tire & Rubber for use as cords in a new line of automobile tire marketed for use on environmentally conscious passenger cars.

December 30th

CO2 vs. Fluorocarbons: The Battle for the Automotive Air Conditioning Market Rages On

Ever heard of HFO-1234yf? No? Well, give it time. You will. That random alphanumeric string is the trade name of a new chemical refrigerant (whose technical name is an even bigger mouthful, 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoroprop-1-ene) jointly developed by Honeywell and Dupont. And after December 8, when the Society of Automotive Engineers’ International Research Program endorsed it as […]

December 23rd

90% of Freight Goes By Sea – Greening Shipping Makes Sense!

As 90% of the world’s freight travels by sea, burning over half a billion tons of fossil fuel per year, it is no surprise that environmentalists are searching for cost effective, green enhancements to this traditional industry’s methods. Seatrade Middle East Maritime 2008, set to run from December 14-16 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition […]

November 24th

Mo Money, Mo Mileage

Advantage Capital Partners, a venture capital and small business finance firm, has made an investment in SOMS Technologies LLC, the manufacturer of the microGreen vehicle engine oil filter.  The microGreen filter  utilizes a patented filter technology designed to keep engine oil cleaner, extending the oil life up to 30,000 miles.  Advantage’s investment will be used to support […]

October 21st

Growing Food to Feed Cars Will Continue to Drive Up the Price of Food

As the demand for biofuels increases, so too will food prices around the world.  The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s recent report notes that “the historic linkages between agriculture and the energy sector are becoming stronger and are changing in character.  Biofuel demand will continue to exercise upward pressure on agricultural prices for considerable time to […]

October 12th

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Energizes Silicon Valley With Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

During a recent Silicon Valley Leadership Group Alternative Energy Solutions Summit, Pacific Gas and Electric Company showcased the first-ever utility Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology demonstration. The demonstration marks a milestone in the development of innovative technologies to make electric vehicles suppliers of electricity to homes and businesses. “PG&E is committed to meeting the challenges associated with […]

April 12th