SunEdison & Morgan Stanley Launch Major Solar Energy Expansion

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Originally published on Partnering with Morgan Stanley to make tax equity financing available immediately, SunEdison is executing a major launch of an innovative power purchase agreement (PPA) product across seven states. With a newly expanded channel and sales platform, and through the recent acquisition of multiple residential power plants with SunEdison subsidiary TerraForm Power […] read more

In Spain, Solar Storage Costs More Than Nuclear Spillage

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Originally published on Storing solar energy in a battery in Spain is more criminal than spilling radioactive waste. That’s the implied message written between the lines of a recently drafted law poised for fast-track approval by the government of Spain. Proposed fines for residential and SME use of solar energy self-consumption will be as […] read more

Is Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI) More Than an Ethical Decision?

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With cash-strapped and debt-ridden governments, sustainable development experts are turning to private SRI investors to address the gap in social and environmental initiative spending. A UN paper titled Private Sector Investment and Sustainable Development estimates that approximately US$5 trillion to US$7 trillion per year will be required to address sustainable development needs, with an additional US$44 […] read more

6 Pieces of Advice Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

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Starting a new business is kind of like having a new baby. Everyone has questions about your new addition, and they all want to give advice – even when you haven’t asked for it. Whether in the nursery or virtual office, not all advice given to new parents – and new business owners – is good. […] read more

New Business Trends that Can Improve Your Company’s Environmental Footprint

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There has been a dramatic change in how office space is being used in the past decade. Thanks to the rise of coworking spaces and an increasing level of employee demand for flexible working hours and remote working options, traditional office environments are fast becoming outdated. In fact, it could be argued that the alternative […] read more

How The Market Created Lobster Mac And Cheese

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The Canadian lobster industry has experienced price volatility in recent years due to an unexpectedly high volume of lobster. In Canada, environmental regulation was so successful at protecting the stock of lobster that the supply well exceeded historical landings. This unanticipated influx of product to the market along with lack-lustre demand dragged prices so low that the […] read more

ITC Investment Tax Credit 5-Year Extension Supported in “New Energy for America Act”

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Originally published on Announcing its support for legislation extending the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for both residential and commercial solar installations, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) said it will provide a big boost to the US economy, while also helping to fight pollution and climate change. Introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-5), the […] read more

Sustainable Development – What It Really Means

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Sustainable development is a holistic approach to decision-making and considers not only the economics of an action but also the social and environmental effects. It can sometimes be misconstrued as just environmental sustainability but it seeks to balance these three pillars. To ensure present and future needs are met, sustainable development emphasises the consideration of […] read more

In Indonesia Panasonic CSR Helps Cut Out The Darkness

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Originally published on With a population of about 700 people, the village of Sone in West Timor, Indonesia is famous throughout the region for its production of beautiful, traditional fabrics. Located close to a mountain summit, Sone is completely off the electricity grid. With the hope of learning about the challenges of living in […] read more

Black Rhino Sport-Hunting Permitted by USFWS

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Originally published on With the population of the critically endangered black rhino only around 5,000, why did the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (US FWS) recently issue sport-hunting permits to kill two black rhinos in Namibia? The permits, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each, will allow two wealthy American sport hunters […] read more

Patagonia’s CSR: How Is It Working Out?

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  Patagonia, known for its jackets made entirely from pop bottles and their “Don’t Buy This Jacket” Cyber Monday advertising campaign, has been a leader in corporate social responsibility initiatives. We had previously profiled Patagonia’s supply chain transparency, but let’s take a look now to see how these CSR initiatives are working out. Patagonia’s Mission For those […] read more

Measuring the Worldwide Surge in Investments in Renewable Energy Technologies (and Infographic)

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What’s happening worldwide with regard to investments in renewable energy? Well, according to the latest results of United Nations Environment Programme’s 9th “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2014 Report”, created by the Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre and the research company Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the global investments in renewable energy have grown 17%, resulting […] read more

How Much Will Carbon Cost? – The Million Dollar Question

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Policy makers and corporate executives alike are interested in quantifying just how much a tonne of carbon dioxide will cost in the future. While it’s intuitive why policy makers, tasked with securing the long-term welfare of a country, are interested in CO­2’s dollar value, large corporations are also spending money on predicting the future. Why […] read more

Sustainable Development in Action at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

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Living sustainably and responsibly is an ideal not often found in whole families, and much less often found in whole communities. However, with a vibrant and non-exploitative social structure actively building on the principles of sustainable development, the innovative community of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is growing stronger and more sustainable every day. As summed up […] read more