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Agricultural Innovation Prize Asks Students to Reinvent Food and Ag Ecosystems

In order to help encourage the development of cutting-edge technology for agricultural and food ecosystems, the Agricultural Innovation Prize is looking for ideas that can transform our global food systems into ones focused on resilience and sufficiency. To that end, the competition is offering cash prizes and support to U.S. undergraduate and graduate students across […]

November 14th

Climate change related job losses

In a potential sign of things to come, a west Texas meat packing facility has shuttered its operations as meat demand, and supply, drops. Demand for factory farmed meat is dropping for a variety of reasons, but the supply is dropping due to climate change, as persistent droughts sweep across formerly fertile farmlands. Cargill, one […]

March 14th

Peace Corps and Sustainability: Today and The Next 50 Years

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), I am honored and anxious to celebrate the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s signing of the executive order that created the Peace Corps.  March 1, 2011 will mark over 10 years since I served as a water & sanitation volunteer in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa and will be a celebration […]

February 17th

Sudan: Open for Business?

As most people are aware these days, Sudan, a country that has undergone so much hardship since it became Africa’s (geographically) largest country on January 1, 1956 is on the cusp of splitting into two. A complex issue anyway one looks at it, with economic and cultural concerns at the forefront. However, for a continent […]

January 14th

A Meeting of the Minds: Sustainable Agricultural Summit Begins

Today kicks off the American Business Conference’s 4th part of a global series of Sustainable Agricultural Summits. And what better city for this summit to take place, but San Francisco. California is home to 81,500 farms and ranches and tallied revenues of $36.2 billion last year alone. That figure represents 11.2% of the nation’s total. […]

August 10th

Hospitals Use Purchase Power to Increase Antibiotic-Free Proteins in the Marketplace

Fletcher Allen staff member, Anne Rowell, sets out pizzas under a display of Wednesday’s special: a cheese steak sandwich, made with beef raised locally without the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics. The roll and cheese are also Vermont products and the side of pasta salad is home made. Annually, Fletcher Allen uses about 40,000 pounds of […]

July 19th

The High Price of Rubber & the Devastation of Southeast Asia

Slash-and-burn agriculture may be bad for the environment, but in southeast Asia, the cure may be worse than the disease. Endorsed by multiple governments, at both the local and national levels, as well as numerous business interests, everyone from individual farmers to massive corporations has been replacing the traditional slash-and-burn, more technically known as swidden, […]

May 26th