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Is Occupy Wall Street Really About CSR?

Since the movement began, people have discussed goals/themes/demands of Occupy Wall Street and have found little clarity. In some ways this is the essence of the movement, but in an effort to define everything, many people assume it’s the anger of the common person directed towards banks for manipulating their money and tanking the economy. […]

October 21st

Bank of America Partners with CDFIs to Finance Energy Efficiency Improvements

Bank of America announced on May 25 a new $55 million program to encourage energy efficiency improvements to older buildings.  Is this a move to deflect criticism from Rainforest Action Network?  Does it Matter? According to Bank of America, the new competitive program will provide low-cost loans and grants to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) […]

May 31st

Tests Are Over But American Banks Are Still Stressed

[youtube=] Economist, James Galbraith, on bank stress tests The results of bank stress tests released this week, do not bear good news. The bottom line is that at  total of $75 billion needs to be raised from 10 major banks to prop them up for losses that could come from a deepening recession. Here is […]