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So You Want to Become a Social Entrepreneur?

According to the venerable source, Wikipedia (there’s actually a citation from the 2002 book The World of Social Entrepreneurship by J.L. Thompson), social entrepreneurship is defined as, “A social entrepreneur recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change (a social venture). While a business […]

July 13th

Grameen Launches a New Bangladesh Joint Venture with BASF

Grameen and its managing director (Nobel Peace Prize-winner) Muhammad Yunus, known for the Grameen Bank, recently launched a new partnership with German conglomerate BASF to create a joint social business venture called BASF Grameen Ltd., to be based in Bangladesh. BASF Grameen Ltd. is being modeled as a “social business”, whose purpose will be to improve the […]

March 26th

Review: World Resources Institute Report: The Next Four Billion: Market Size and Business Strategy At the Base of the Pyramid

The World Resources Institute’s new(ish) report: The Next Four Billion, draws on household income and consumption surveys of the Base of the Pyramid (see a series of posts on this topic) from over a hundred countries. Rather than provide case study success story descriptions and results, this report provides an assessment (including easy to read graphs and […]

October 14th

The Base of the Pyramid 2.0: A Review (pt. 2)

(Readers may want to read yesterday’s part one post, which provides a brief description of the concept of the base of the pyramid, and introduces today’s post.) While articles extolling the virtues of expanding markets to include, and creating brand-new ventures solely for the base of the pyramid proliferated in the early part of this […]

September 15th

The Base of the Pyramid 2.0: A Review (pt. 1)

Author’s note: small editorial change in final sentence of paragraph 3. Many apologies for the oversight). Readers of this blog are probably well aware of the concept called “base of the pyramid”, originally advanced by Prahalad, Hart and others in the latter part of the 1990s, and the early part of this decade. At heart, […]

September 14th