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Factory farms fight public health, safety, and cruelty legislation…but not the factory farms affected by the law?

In a groundbreaking move toward corporate social responsibility, the United Egg Producers of the United States is teaming up with the Humane Society to push for regulations of its industry making the particularly cruel battery cages with which most chickens are factory farmed illegal. Regulatory attempts like this are often stonewalled by the industry associations […]

July 16th

Do Cage-Free Eggs Matter?

Last Sunday’s New York Times Week in Review section took a look at burgeoning cage-free regulations for egg-laying hens in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Maine. Currently only 2% of America’s hens are raised outside of battery cages (8 x 8 inches allotted to each bird;  6 birds to a cage). After […]

August 17th