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The Compostable Packaging Debate: Interview with Boulder Canyon’s VP Marketing Steve Sklar

It’s been a hobby of mine lately to follow the compostable packaging marketplace. As readers of this blog know, I’ve been conducting my own private experiment on the compostability claims of SunChips and Boulder Canyon, both of which claim to offer 100% compostable packaging for chip bags. The SunChips bag is reported to be made […]

January 21st

Are Marketers Bowing to Positive Peer Pressure?

Teenage drinking = bad peer pressure. A first-grader learning to do a cartwheel for the first time because of the encouragement of her classmates on the playground = good peer pressure. Marketers calling themselves “green” or “sustainable” because everyone else is doing it = bad peer pressure. Marketers switching from traditional to compostable packaging because […]

September 16th

The Answer to the Super-Loud SunChips Bag?

Have you been following the furor over the super-loud SunChips bag?  I’ve written a number of posts about SunChips’ move from partially compostable to fully compostable packaging, but man, the sound of compostability is loud! The 100% compostable bag even made the national news a few weeks back due to a groundswell of complaints about […]

September 9th