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Help Wanted: Build the Best Green Jobs Site Ever

Help Build the Best Green Jobs Site EVER! Important Media, our parent company, is hosting an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the best green jobs site ever. Sounds audacious, right? Perhaps a little self-important? But with our global network of clean tech, clean transportation, healthy food, and sustainable living websites, we are confident that we can build […]

New Crowdfunding Platform Combines Funding with Philanthropy

In a twist on the current technique of crowdfunding, a new platform aims to add a charitable angle to crowdsourcing fundraising efforts by enabling both the entrepreneurs using the site, as well as their backers, to pledge a portion of that money to charity. With the conventional and rapidly growing crowdfunding model, which (if you’ve […]

December 16th

World Record Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Tallest Skyscraper in Colombia

[This article was written by Alex Hayes and originally published by Mosaic.] The largest successful crowdfunding campaign in history just raised over $200 million, from 3,800 backers, for an ambitious project to build the tallest skyscraper in Colombia. The BD Bacatá is a skyscraper funded on the Prodigy Network, a crowdfunding platform. Once complete, the […]

December 12th

Crowdfunding Could Grow to $90 Billion Market

The other day, I had a conversation that began something like this: “Crowdfunding, that’s that new term for how you can get the latest gadget or game or movie by ordering it early, right?” To which I replied that yes, that could certainly be one way to look at it, but another, and perhaps more […]

November 19th

Crowdfunding One Million Young Leaders with Piggybackr

How can we enable the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs? One effective method might be through giving them the tools and the resources to be able to raise money and support for their ideas, and a new campaign aims to do just that. Piggybackr’s 1 Million Leaders Challenge, which runs from November 1, 2013 […]

November 5th

SEC Crowdfunding Rule Could Let Small Businesses Raise $1Million per Year

A proposed crowdfunding rule by the Securities and Exchange Commission would allow small businesses to raise up to $1 million a year from unaccredited investors. “Entrepreneurs and start-up companies looking for investors will be able to solicit over the Internet from the general public under a new proposal issued by U.S. regulators on Wednesday. The […]

October 23rd

Turning to the Crowd to Fund Next Gen Eco-Material

The company behind what’s been referred to as the ‘Holy Grail of eco-materials‘ is looking to start a revolution. A revolution in eco-friendly materials, that is. “A revolutionary material made from reconstituted cellulose and water – and nothing else! A patented process converts cellulose fibres into a strong wood-like substance capable of being formed into […]

October 15th

Detroit SOUP Dinners Microfund Local Creative Projects

A unique microfunding venture is helping to give creative projects in the Detroit area a boost, via a monthly community dinner experience. Detroit SOUP offers the chance for participants to get soup, salad, bread, and a vote for their choice of who will receive the funds from the dinner, all for just $5. “Detroit SOUP […]

October 10th