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People? Planet? Or Profits?

I’ve written a lot in these posts about print vs. electronic media and the sustainability issues faced by both (yes, both! electronic media aren’t as green as people think). Now you can investigate more deeply for yourself. On November 17, Target Marketing and Printing Impressions will offer a webinar titled “Paper or Electronic? The Impact […]

November 3rd

Greening Print Marketing: Does Saving Money Conflict With Environmental Stewardship?

In these tough economic times, everyone wants to save money. But what happens when money-saving options conflict with environmental stewardship? One area of concern is paper.  As fuel costs have come down, publishers looking to save money on distribution are looking at heavier paper. Although the paper itself costs more than lightweight grades, the heavier […]

Greening Print Marketing: What’s Your Mail’s Carbon Footprint?

Mail is a small overall contribution to a consumer’s environmental footprint. After all, according to a Pitney Bowes study on the environmental impact of mail, paper is increasingly manufactured from renewable resources, paper companies are increasingly running on renewable energy and running a single refrigerator for a year creates the same carbon footprint of delivering […]

Greening Print Marketing: Is There a Double Standard When It Comes to Paying for Green?

Most of us have heard the popularly cited statistics that given the choice between two similar products, 83% of consumers will chose those that are “environmentally friendly” and will pay more for them. According to the DoubleClick study, not only are consumers interested in green products and companies, but nearly half are willing to pay […]

December 5th

Greening Print Marketing: Inkjet Recyclability Suspect

I got a surprise this month. I was writing on “green” issues related to inkjet ink, and much of what I expected to write went out the window. [social_buttons] In the world of offset printing, the difference between solvent-based inks and water-based inks matters—a lot. In the world of toner-based inks (digital inks), on the […]

October 31st