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When Tablets are Teachers, Kids Teach Themselves

There’s a lot of interest lately in reforming our educational systems, and in finding new ways to teach children, and this brief video with Nicholas Negroponte (founder of the One Laptop per Child initiative) demonstrates that it’s not always necessary to provide detailed instructions or a structured learning environment for kids to acquire new skills; […]

December 24th

It’s a School, It’s a Soccer Field, It’s a Water Harvesting Community Center

What do you get when you combine sports, community, education, and resource reclamation? If you’re PITCHAfrica, you get a combination soccer (football) field, school, and community center that also functions as a water harvesting and storage facility, otherwise known as a Waterbank school building. “Our design includes four classrooms with protected gardens for food cultivation, […]

October 31st

Feeling Good About Packing and Shipping

Company teaches children the difference between plastic and bio-degradable shipping materials. This morning, my children participated in a scientific experiment and learned about the differences between plastic and bio-degradable shipping materials. It wasn’t at school. It was on my front porch, thanks to a small green insert in the shipping box containing our new butterfly […]

Green Energy Talk: Oops! The Gap Is Showing!

Companies marketing green products and, in particular, promoting their green energy initiatives are using words like “energy conservation” and “green energy,” but what effect has this had on consumers? Do they care? Do they even understand what these terms mean? EcoAlign, a strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment, decided to find out. […]

October 15th