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The Invisible Hand (Never Picks Up the Check)

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. You’re telling someone about some problem the world is facing, whether it’s global warming, animal cruelty in factory farms, sweatshop labor conditions, polluted rivers, e-waste, or some public health epidemic like diabetes, heart disease, cancer or obesity. In your mind, it’s clear as day: the cause […]

March 23rd

How is coal power so cheap? (Hint: it’s because you’re subsidizing it)

The idea that coal is cheaper than wind and solar is what keeps coal in the forefront of energy production in the U.S. But what if the idea itself is completely flawed? The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is actively promoting the benefits of coal power. If you see an ad on a website […]

September 4th

Factory farms fight public health, safety, and cruelty legislation…but not the factory farms affected by the law?

In a groundbreaking move toward corporate social responsibility, the United Egg Producers of the United States is teaming up with the Humane Society to push for regulations of its industry making the particularly cruel battery cages with which most chickens are factory farmed illegal. Regulatory attempts like this are often stonewalled by the industry associations […]

July 16th