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Does This Look Like a Logged Forest?

There is a state forest near my home that is absolutely beautiful to hike. You can walk for hours on seemingly endless interconnected trails. Some of them look like pristine natural lands. Others, however, are devastated by mass clear-cuts, with logs sprawling across one another, ugly stumps protruding, and nothing more over your head than […]

Marketing Green: Are You Walking the Walk?

Businesses marketing themselves as “green” are not using environmentally-responsible marketing materials. Earlier this month, a survey released in conjunction with Canadian Environment Week (May 31 to June 5), showed that more than half of businesses marketing themselves aren’t walking the walk — at least not in their marketing materials. The survey, conducted by traffic marketing […]

No-Brainer Way to Green Your Business

Businesses and individuals can make a difference by choosing sustainably sourced paper products. As oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico and Hooters girls contribute to the solution by donating pantyhose, my thoughts turn to environmental paper certifications. Okay, it’s not going to solve the devastating loss to wildlife, eco-systems, and local economies […]

Yes, Virginia, There IS an Environmental Alternative to Foam Board

Want an environmental alternative for direct mail marketing? No sweat. Pick your green. 100% PCW. Environmental certifications. Paper that sprouts seeds when planted. Want an environmental alternative to foam core? Not such an easy proposition. That’s why it’s exciting to see real investments from major players in this space. One such investment was announced at […]

Forest Stewardship Council Files Suit Against U.S. Government

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which provides chain-of-custody certifications for forestry-based products (including office and printing papers, as well as the suppliers that print on, distribute, and dispose of those products), has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Government, the first-ever legal action in its 10-year history. The letter from Corey Brinkema, president of the […]

September 30th

Greening Print Marketing: Xerox Gives Customers More “Green” Printing Choices

Wall Street is in financial crisis. Individual investors are reeling. The world is watching. If ever there were a time to get serious about our world stewardship, it’s now. While we’re used to thinking along broad, expansive lines such as international policy and national priorities, the fact is, there are changes you and I can […]

September 22nd