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Israel’s Aggressive Oil Reduction Goals: Is 60% In 12 Years Achievable?

At the Bloomberg Fuel Choices Summit in Tel Aviv, we learned about Israel’s aggressive alternative transportation goals–reducing oil use by 60% by 2025–and how they plan to achieve it. A talk by Eyal Rosner of the Prime Minister’s office elucidated some of the insights the country has learned from its various clean tech programs over […]

November 12th

Sustainable Economics: Tim Jackson gives a reality check

If you read Inspired Economist, you’re well aware that our economic model based entirely on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is flawed and is driving us over the edge of a cliff. Growth, traditionally, has been measured only by transactions. The more transactions worth more money, the more the gross domestic product, the better. But of […]

August 7th

Green Saturday to Follow Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday seems to get bigger. Cabbage Patch Doll crazes may seem a distant memory, but the stampedes of people that get up earlier and earlier every year to get started on the Christmas shopping season don’t seem to diminish at all. With Sears and several other companies allowing Black Friday to creep […]

November 24th

GDP Growth Needs Replacing, But With What?

Last week, while poking around a few dusty corners of the internet, I came across a small business future group which one person had left because of disagreement about the prominence of sustainability in the group’s charter. This is a shame. Those who are facing up to the current challenges in business need to work […]

September 4th