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Monsanto Patents the “No Cry BabyTM”: Inserted Rabbit Genes Eliminate Tear Duct

Monsanto today announced their latest innovation in genetic modification: a human baby that will never cry. Investors on Wall Street cheered the news, moving shares higher by 4.2% to close at $105.22 (NYSE: MON). According to the press release, the company got regulatory approval today after a 2 week public comment period closed last week. It […]

April 1st

The Economics of GMOs

A group called Stop Costly Food Labeling (SCFL) is fighting Prop 37, California’s ballot initiative that would require genetically engineered food (GMOs) to be labeled as such. The group, mainly funded by biotech companies and GMO food distributors, is pouring millions of dollars into the campaign, begging the question: what are the economics of GMOs? […]

September 25th

Where conservative capitalism breaks down: Three primary sources of free market failure

Many people criticize policies and elected officials based on strong support for what they believe to be free market capitalism. But do these people actually understand capitalism? What they believe to be capitalism: getting the government off the back of the private sector, is not true free market capitalism. Adam Smith, the man many in the […]

September 7th

Moving Markets

Recently, I learned a great strategy for moving markets. Specifically, how to leverage consumer demand for greener goods to move large amounts of capital into the sustainable economy, and away from companies that are only profit driven and don’t mind externalizing their costs onto society. I’d like to share that strategy with you here, in […]

July 2nd

A path forward for island economies to break dependence on imported, processed foods

Globalization has perhaps been most difficult for island economies. Despite limited land and other resources, island economies have been encouraged to produce export crops over subsistence goods, leaving the economies of island nations particularly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. Hawai’i, in particular, is an interesting case study. Monsanto and other biotech firms have used Hawai’i […]

June 17th